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CIC application returned (AINP nominee)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Canadabie, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Hello Seniors/Friends,
    My CIC application for PR is returned today with application fees( I am an US AINP Nominee currently in Canada, just an FYI) stating IMM008 Schedule 1: Background/Declaration form is incomplete where basically there is a gap in my spouse's address history column which is highlighted in the form. They have asked to completed the application and send the letter along with attached appendices.

    On my PR application they have stamped "PROV NOM" (i guess it's provincial nominee) in red and couple of other red stamps.

    I am going to fill out the missing information along with some other recent updates that have occured like change in address and so forth.

    My question is,

    what do I do with this packet which is returned I mean do I need to send it along with new forms so that they might consider my case as old case and retain kind of old priority date


    just fill out form IMM008 schedule Background /Declaration for my spouse and send everything from RETURNED packet.

    Also, earlier I had a orange AINP sticker which I had to stick to the CIC envelop but this time since I am resending my application what should I do: shall I write in BOLD letters at the buttom of envelop (AINP)?

    Please, it's very urgent and kindly appreciate your help into this.

  2. Hi,
    I also faced the similar situation last year May. I called CIC and what they asked me to do is, complete the form which they mentioned as incorrect and send it together with all other forms and their covering letter which indicating the error. I also added another covering letter describing that I changed only the form that they mentioned as wrong and attached herewith together with all other forms which I didn't change anything. I don't think its good to do changes to other forms in this time (not sure).
    For the sticker, I also just wrote it in the envelop.... And in my case, my police certificates also had a chance to expire before processing of second attempt. I asked that and they said, it wont be a problem. Therefore keep the original sign dates without change for all forms except the form that you are going to change (Since you are not touching any items in the other forms)
    If you have any concerns, better you contact CIC directly, and in my case, they answered me clearly...
  3. Hi habao,
    Thanks for your reply. This really helps.

    However, on the other hand. There are few changes that are happened which I am not sure if I need to mention such as the address has changed also my wife started working earlier she wasn't. This means that PR form for myself, Schedule background declaration form and Additional Family information form for both of us where address needs to be updated. I am worried if I just make modification to the the form which they are asking and later they come and ask for most recent information again. I appreciate if you could let me know your thoughts on this.
    I will also contact CIC tomorrow, I tried to contact Buffalo office several time earlier but they couldn't help me, is there a contact number dedicated to PR queries which phone number you were referring?

    One more thing, It almost took 2 months for CIC to come back to me to correct the information. In your case, did you retain original date when you send your application for the first time or second attempted date?

    Thanks and Regards,
  4. Hi,

    For me also it took two months them to return my file. I believe second time it start processing my file as new application. That mean, first two months lost in time line.
    For your other questions such as change of other information, I don't think I have much experience to answer. Please call 1-888-242‑2100 and asks all your questions and they will clearly instruct you on this regards.

  5. hI Habao,
    You said you contacted Cic office regarding your problem. Do you have telephone number to call in Buffalo. thanks.
  6. Nop, I called the general line 1-888-242‑2100
  7. Thanks so much habao for taking time and answering my questions. I have resubmitted my application, hope this time it goes without any problem.

    Thanks again.

  8. Yes, it will be Ok this time...Now start checking your bank draft chash starting from another 1~2 months....I resubmitted July 17, 2010 and bank draft was chashed Sep 10.
  9. Yeah, sure I will. Thanks

  12. Habao,

    When you have submitted your application again, did you extend validity of nomination certificate, or you have submitted documents within validity of it.
  13. Hi Canadabie/ Habao,

    I am exactly in the same position today, in this case did you have to extend the nomination dates from AINP ?

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