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CHC, Islamabad Spouse Sponsorship Timeline 2009 -2010

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by peacekeeper, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. hmm insha allah n no no no 1 is making fun of me me bas bht jaldi worry hojati hn r kch nhi r me ka har kam jaldi hota arha hai koi b tu me se bardasht nhi horha wait n i pray alot for myself n everyone in thz forum ... ok em HAPPY now :)
  2. ok bro em stop my stressing :-[
  3. Congratulationsssss!!!!!!!!
  4. ok thanx bro :)
  5. LOL
  6. ahan thats great! congratulations!
  7. dont worry u will get it soon inshaALlah!
    if others r getting it..just be happy for them.... atleast some of us r gonna meet their spouses.. MashaAllah
  8. almost 20 days .... pp not back yet... Does TCS try to deliver next day if person is not in home ? or they call back so the package can be picked up ?
  9. There is too much stuff to ask on the letter but make sure you are concerned only with the check marks. Those letters are generic letters for everybody and have many options (requirements) on them, but they say that pay attention on only checked options.
    Anyway in my case they have checked marked on " pictures with names, did I consummate (Rukhsati) the marriage if not then when?, proof of my visits to Pakistan, and proof of communication with my wife in the form of telephone bills, emails, online chat.

    I guess its enough to have an idea, what they mostly ask.

    so don't worry about all the requirements on the letter just pay attention with the check mark.

  10. me sb ki khushi mai happy hn me ko koi tension nhi th but maham ka dekh k k she got PPR med me ko bht tension horhi k she got these request vry quickly tu me ko b tu aye na but i knw its her luck n nthng but aise luck kaise no jan no feb direct march n i knw me ki ye halat hai tu nov dec walo ko b shocked laga hoga but now em ok n relax insha allah acha hoga :D
  11. dats like a gud girl :) now dont panic and just happy happy
  12. Thanks everybody to congratulate me
    Thanks again

  13. i have a computer printout stating from work when my vacation starts and ends++ if i add employement letter saying that i will return to work on the 3rd of august which gives more vadility that i will not extent my time in pakistan
  14. I live right inside the city. I don't know, I guess it depends on the dispatcher or VO, how they send it.
    It is wife case

  15. congrads bro

    inshallah should get ppr in a month

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