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CHC, Islamabad Spouse Sponsorship Timeline 2009 -2010

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by peacekeeper, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. u itna tense main na aoo masoom now jan/feb 2011 cases getting respond
  2. Danny bro i have g. i wana change my address i mean home address. can u tall me how i can do.. plz
  3. yours is wife or husband case? everyone received remedical by TCS why not you, do you live in city or village?
  4. Congrats, bro, is your address still missing and does it say In Process or Application received
  5. CONGRATS :)
  6. khushi u k pass request ane k badh bhi r ane se phle bhi u ka status application received he arha hai wid address?
  7. My address is still dissapear...but on permanent residence (application received) is written...Do u now where to check medical results?
  8. i dnt knw n i thnk hm apna medical result check nhi kar sakte cz jo 1st medical kara ya tha uska result bhi me nhi dekh saki th whn ur address is disappread?
  9. one week before I got first request :)
  10. hi,
    i want to ASk frm u tht how many pages u recvd while got first letter frm chc n did they mention tht police certificate from all districts or areas u lived plz answer my this ques thnks
  11. U should write a letter wit ur file number/ client id #

    stating that ur have moved give the reason,
    then at the end of the page,

    write ur name
    agian file number
    n sign the paper

    (it would be better to have u n ur spouses sign it coz i did send fax too but it didnt work until i had ma husband sign it wit me)

    here is an example :)

    (File Numer) FXXXXXXXXXXX

    Aplication Name:
    Telephone :

    Spouses Name:

    Dear Immigration Officer
    Ma name is ........................ from ......................... with file number.................
    Im sponsoring wife/husband........... Application aproved................ file transfered...............

    Give reason for moving and write
    Below is my new address:

    With blod letter write ur new address here :)

    Thank You
    Khan10 lol

    Again write ur with spouses name
    DOF (both for u n ur spouse
    File Number

    Both signatures :)

  12. Do u know the name of that member
  13. Congratulations :)
  14. It's a miracle lol ( just kidding ) It is really nice. Hope it remains like this always. ;D
  15. Dear Danny4450,

    Your case is January2011. Did you hear any good news from CHC-1?

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