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Canadian Passport Application for children who was born outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Janelee, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Hello all. There are some questions about applying Canadian passport for children who was outside Canada.
    My friend whose husband is a Canadian had her baby (a boy) last month in Hong Kong. And she is applying for PR in Canada by family sponsorship.
    Could her husband apply a Canadian passport for their children in Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong or in Guang Zhou?
    What documents should he prepare? How long will take for issuing a passport for their children?
    Thank you very much for your advices!!
  2. Yes, he can apply for a passport for the kids. If the kids are not born in Canada, they will likely make him apply for their citizenship certificate before they will issue them temporary passports. Getting the citizenship certificate can take up to a year but the passports are pretty fast. He'll have to talk to the consulate/embassy though about what their timeline is.
  3. Depending on how urgent it is you can get a citizenship certification pretty fast. I got a certificate for my son (born outside Canada) in 3 weeks and 3 weeks for the passport. Simply write them a letter explaining the urgency.
  4. WOW where was that GK? We waited 11 months for ours and that was the normal rush! Also when did you do that? Curious.. Takes 3 weeks normally for the passport (15 business days) and the processing timeline for Certificates for abroad are 11-12 months... but I was told by the embassy if there was an urgency to fly you could get the passport with proof (receipt) that the kids have their applications in process.
  5. We applied within Canada. Applied for citizenship certification in May 2009. Our son didn't need a passport to move to Canada as he was born in the US and holds dual citizenship - birth certificate was enough. However, we recently traveled to Europe a few weeks ago and needed his passport. We explained our situation and got it fast.
  6. Yeah so it must be different when you are dealing in Canada.. We dealt with the Cairo Embassy so it was abroad. :)
  7. Thank you all!
    Your information is useful for my friends. I will tell you all about details of her application for reference.

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