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Canada immigration, How to get your visa stamping?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Rina2182, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Is der anyone applied for Canada immigration for PR? Then plz guide me because we have completed our medical and now waiting to get visa papers.
    My question is about VISA stamping, During application we were in USA and now from last 3 years we are residing in india and our file is with Canada , so where we have to go for stamping Canada or within India.
    If Canada then how to get visitor visa , embassy will give visitor visa for Canada?
    or we have to ask immigration office to provide visitor visa?
    plz advice ...
    Thank you

  2. I m not sue but i think ur visa office will just require ur passports to stamp.
  3. Yes , I know that visa office require my passport for stamp....but my question is what are the option to get it stamp ...........I mean is it possible to get it stampd within india ? or else I have to go to Canada?
  4. Which is ur visa office?
  5. yeah its possible that living within India u will get visa stamp. Bcz i m in Pakistan but my visa office is London.
  6. But I have applied 4 years back from USA..........And from last 3 years am in india.
    That's why Am worried................where to get it stamp.
    That's why they have asked me 2 yers back to repeat my medical as well as police clearance after coming back to india.
    Now they have ask to repeat medical ..............will they ask me to do police clearance as well?
  7. Yes may be but not sure. Bcz i have applied in provincial nominee and i have submitted police clearance 2 time till. I applied in sep 2011 and recently again submitted police clearance but still no medical request. Just waiting
  8. Hi Rina,
    As your current residence address is updated i think they will told you to stamp your visa from Canadian Embassy in India.
  9. Yes you can get stamping from Delhi office. Just send email to ottawa office, they will arrange for PR visa stamping from Delhi.
  10. Yes I have updated my residential address 3 years before, so they have my current address as India.
    I hope They will allow to get stamping ffrom india only.

    Thank u all for giving me reply.

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