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Bsc Nursing Degree graduate can only practice after PR Status??

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sarojji, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Friends,

    Finally I have decided to apply in sault College for Collaborative Bsc Nursing Programme. As inquired in concerned people there. I can get admission in it.

    As I have already rejected two times before with the same saying "your propose study is not reasonable in light................" I am still worrying to choose the College or University?

    I found that the Laurenthean University will grant the degree for this Collaborative Bsc Nursing.

    1) Does it affect my application?
    2) I have also heard that the Bsc Nursing graduate can only join the Ontario College of Nursing or Practice in Canada with PR status, is it true?

    Can anyone please share your experience???

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    Do not rely on what you "HEAR". Always check and verify for current rules, pieces of information and latest updates from the official sites.

    As far as ONTARIO province is concerned, practicing as an RN or RPN in Ontario... it is compulsory to get registered with "College of Nurses of Ontario" -a self-regulating body for registered nurses (RNs) and registered practical nurses (RPNs) in Ontario.

    And "College of Nurses of Ontario" ONLY ALLOWS CANADIAN CITIZENS AND PRs to apply for registration to start practicing as RN or RPN in Ontario.
    http://www.cno.org/en/become-a-nurse/new-applicants1/outside-canada/registration-requirements-for-rns-and-rpns/ -- read point 6. (official website)

    So forget Sault or Laurenthean University or any other college/univ in ONTARIO... till you get PR. Just because you can get admission in Ontario based educational institute for nursing programmes.. doesn't mean you can get registered with their regulatory body and practice!

    Also, your previous rejections has definitely nothing to do with it being college or university... but because most probably, you might have had applied to Ontario based colleges/universities without checking the facts first!

    I think, province of B.C MAY allow international students to get registered with their regulatory body- "College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia" (https://www.crnbc.ca/Pages/Default.aspx) and practice as RN or RPN , provided the international student has a nursing degree/Practical Nursing diploma from a B.C based educational institute. To confirm you must email them and enquire about it.

    Similarly, Google... find out official websites and contact info of Nursing regulatory bodies of other provinces, and check.. if they allow international students to register and practice as RN/RPN on PGWP or not... even if they study Bachelor of Nursing/ Diploma in practical Nursing in their respective province. You got to do this research..contact regulatory bodies (of all other provinces) and inquire about it.

    Then, depending upon which provinces will allow international students to register as RN/RPN with their regulatory body (if any)... you will need to choose according to the province preference, college and programme reputation, cost or other factors... and start the application process for their Bachelor of Nursing or Diploma in Practical Nursing programmes.

    Best of Luck.

    **All opinions expressed are purely personal, and pieces of information mentioned are to the best of my knowledge... You should consult other sources too

  3. but they have ols mentioned tht a "work permit that provides authorization to practise nursing in Ontario".
  4. Hi,

    Yes . they have.

    **All opinions expressed are purely personal, and pieces of information mentioned are to the best of my knowledge... You should consult other sources too
  5. @tiger- so an international student can ols practice nursing on a pgwp?
  6. Hi,

    That is not clear. You should email the "College of Nurses of Ontario" and inquire about it.

    **All opinions expressed are purely personal, and pieces of information mentioned are to the best of my knowledge... You should consult other sources too
  7. @Tiger:
    You mean that of choosing province like Ontario for Bsc Nursing is not a good idea? And do you think both of my previous rejection was also because of province, Ontario? Here is also a subject Bachelor in Public Health in Brock university which suit on my background but the application process is quite difficult.

    Please suggest the better way so that the third try could be in favor of me.
    Thank you
  8. Hi,

    1. For practice, you have to be; citizen, PR, or hold permit as authorized under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  9. Tiger, Enfield!!!!

    Thank you for your concern. Because of my previous two rejections and my background in health sector, I found only three suitable bachelor degree in Canadian University, i.e;

    Bachelor in Public Health,
    Medical Science (Health Science) and
    Bsc Nursing.

    There is also the programme saying Occupational Health & Safety in Reyerson University but this university is quite expensive.

    Can you Please do suggest me choosing of which subject may enable more possibilities to grant me study permit?
    Thank you

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