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banking sector

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by ben00, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. i dont know if bankers are in demand in vancouver.I have 4 years experience as a banker and additional 9 years experience as accounts officer including payroll, credit ,debtors and audit for a large retail supermarket.
    Looking for a good job offer.

  2. You have to complite in Canada atleast Canadian Securities Course to be in demand or much better to have CFP designation.
  3. is a good certification .... i mean is it in demand for banking sector :)
  4. It is not a sector that I work in.
    Others may comment.
  5. There are many different certifications accepted in the banking world and which one you get often depends on what you want to do.

    If you want to get a job where you are offering financial advice to others (broker, financial advisor, investment executive), then the CFP is good - but the CFA is much better. The CFA is also much more difficult to obtain (three exams - all brutal).

    If you're interested in finance or accounting, then the CA, CGA or CMA is the way to go.

    If you want to work in Wealth (or in any role involving stocks, bonds, etc.), then the CSC is a good starting place. The Canadian Securities Institute offers many other courses in addition to the CSC that build on this knowledge. Obtaining the CSC is much easier than obtaining the other certifications listed above.

    Depending on what you plan to do in banking, a completely different certification may be more appropriate in the end (e.g. PMP for project management, HR certification for HR staff, Insurance certifications, etc.).

    In short, there are many different directions you can go in depending on what you want to do.
  6. Hi Scylla,

    1. Does obtaining CSC guarantee chances of job in canada?.

    2. Is there any eligbility requirement for getting CSC or any one can apply for the same.

    3. Can i clear it from my home country before entering canada as PR.?

    Request to guide on the same..
  7. 1. No - having the CSC does not guarantee a job in Canada. None of the certifications I have listed above will guarantee a job.
    2. Anyone can take the course. There are no eligibility requirements.
    3. You must write and exam to pass the course and receive the certification. I believe all of the exam centres are in Canada. However you may be able to arrange to write the exam outside of Canada. I would recommend you read throught the information available on the Canadian Securities Institute's web site (www.csi.ca) to find out what's possible.

    Hope this helps.
  8. To find a job in Canada (and anywere in the world) you have to communicate with people and create the connections.
  9. Re: information regarding social worker jobs

    Hi! i am from Pakistan. I am 36.female and applying 4 immigration as a social worker. I want to know will i be able to get a job of a social worker in canada,secondly i want to know which city i shall go? want to know all basic information. i will be obliged if u help me.
  10. Hi,

    You cannot get job without landing in canada.

    It is necessary for you to come to canada first. Have you got your visas?

    Once you land in you can get, but you have to put your efforts for the same, may be initially you would have to work in different field.
  11. Toronto is usually the preffered destination for everyone.. but its upto you where you wish to and where you get job you can move later on..
    Firstly you need to start your process of immigration as it takes long..
  12. hi sabeen
    this is shweta from india ..iam also tryng for canada immigration..have u started up with the process??

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