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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ijaz1988, May 11, 2013.

  1. wake up april people...in the other thread october applicants have been receiving passport request now..as in almost all of them and also november applicants..so this is good right? hope na hindi aabot ng 8 to 10 months ang process ng visa ntin.and ma approve lahat tayo..APRIL FOLKS.....patatagin ntin ang aura ng APRIL THREAD for POSITIVE RESULTS....GOGOGO
  2. @ galuramarvin........yeah bro! we r up and keenly following the other threads! we r happy 4r them & hence anticipate the big news in our inbox too @ the average 5-6 months time.

    But a BIG request to you and all members in this thread, to continue posting anything in English, atleast in this thread PLEASE!!
  3. Sure no problem...And im sorry.
  4. Guys, does anyone applied through vfs/VAC?
  5. @ Ghagen.....nope! :( i applied 2 days prior to the opening of VAC personally @ the embassy
  6. Hi guys ramadan is coming next week do u think it will affects the processing of our application? Hope its not coz our application is now on 3 months coming few months more lets pray harder to God, nothing is impossible with him who belives, share ko na lang din ermat ko buti pa siya medical na sa pinas ng process sabagay tourist visa kasi request ng utol ko mag alaga ng baby nya hope satin may balita na rin. God bless dont stop praying guys
  7. Guys what does it mean by NOC?
    I'm April applicant too,thanks.
  8. NOC stands 4r.........National Occupational Classification!

    what is your job title which u hv applied?
  9. Thanx for reply but where do I get one(NOC) and why do we need that?

    I applied on 8th April as a FCA in alberta.
  10. NOC stands for job qualification..example NOC 6641=Food counter attendant
    NOC 6611= Cashier
    NOC 1234= Farmer
    NOC 5643= Engineer.. these are just samples not real thing,.. do you know now what is noc? noc means job title...
  11. @nepalesethito.......so as galuramarvin mentioned it with example, your NOC code (job title) is NOC 6641 which is for FCA(Food Counter Attendant).
  12. Hi,
    I m march 20th applicant. I want 2 join ,can I
  13. @sharma55...........you are most welcome!!

    btw...whts your NO?
  14. guys any news?? march applicants have received passport requests, so we are next!!! :D

    keep up the prayer...

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