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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by fma, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Congratulations !

    I am sure they will return it soon...

  2. Thanks... Have replied, Arun.

    Thanks Sonir :D
  3. Replied Back Bhakti...

  4. Ditto... Have replied too...
  5. thank u so much:):)
    surely i ll b very glad to share my experience with u guys..
    my interview was scheduled for 8:45 but i was called at 9:30 in the cabin and my interview lasted for 45 mins..
    the guy was an indian and in his late 30s or early 40s...seemed to b a nice one..which relaxed me a bit.
    he had a doubt abt my experience and he asked maximum questions abt my job..as to who is director and principal of my college etc..he asked me the date of my marriage atleast 4 times..he asked me my job duties ,why i joined my present job,why i want to go to canada,abt my family as to whether my brother is married or not?then he called my husband and asked some quetions and sent me out,then called me and sent my husband out..the whole procedure took approx 45 min..at last he called both of us and said that we need some time to prepare ur medical forms and u ll be recieving them soon...if any one needs any more information plz feel free to contact me..just inbox me ur no...i ll surely call u:):)
  6. congrats harjot :)
  7. congrates harjot.
    your medical is on the way. :) :) :) :)
  8. Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

    Got Medical, see


    for details.
  9. Re: Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

    Dear Friends,
    Today I received most awaited MR/RPRF/PCC and original transcripts of my spouse n mine.
    I morning around 9:30am TCS call me to collect the letter and 4:00pm it was in my hand.
    Letter is dated 12/01/2012. And this date is exactly 2 days after delivery of courier (10/01/2012) containing dox for the addition of newborn son.
    Here is a point to note.....on 31/01/2012 I receive an email to submit "NEW/UPDATED SCHEDULE A" for myself and for my spouse, which I submitted, same day through email scan copy.
    Underneath is tracking detail of the courier:-
    Origin : KARACHI
    Destination : LAHORE
    Booking Date : 08-FEB-12
    Shipper : TCS VISATRONIX

    Same like many others, I did not found any “enclosed reply label”.
    Please advise which address I use to send RPRF and PCC.
    VO only asks me to submit PCC from Pakistan, while I have submitted PCC from UK with CIO application, where I lived a number of years on student visa. But VO does not ask for updated PCC from UK.
    Please advise should I submit only they asked for or from UK also.

    I pray for all of us for fast but smooth processing.
  10. Re: Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

    Congratulations!!! :)
  11. This week also finished, and anything was heard from Buffalo, big big sigh.....
  12. Re: Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

  13. Re: Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

  14. Re: Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

    Congrats Tesqo and discreet! :) All the best ahead...
  15. Re: Medicals Received - Pre June applicant : London VO

    Hi All,

    Heartiest congratulations to all the members who received the good news frm their respective VO's and all the very best to my fellow members who are waiting to be NEXT in the congratulations & celebrations list.

    Special congrats to Bhakti for the much awaited Medical request and Harjot for clearing the interview.

    I have got my medicals on Feb 7 and would be dispatching my papers on Monday.Hoping by that time even medical reports would be sent by DMP.Can we track whether our DMP has already sent the reports? How???
    Also dear seniors and my fellow members your valuable feedback is awaited as I stayed in US for an year in 1995 and for the same had requested FBI clearance certificate which may be now appox 8 moths old.Do I have to apply for a fresh FBI certificate again? as the whole process is very time taking and I have to send all the documents before March 9 to NDVO.

    Though I have requested FBI to send me the updated FBI certificate again paying the fees and submitting the finger prints towards end of Jan to be on the safe side but till now I haven't got me fees deduction notification on the credit card..................so what shd I do?
    I donot want to wait and submit my papers to NDVO ASAP.So shd I send older FBI clearance rt now and let them know that I have re requested the certificate or wait for the new one to arrive?
    Please share your timely thoughts and help me decide next action step.I donot want any delays or prob to happen at this stage.

    Best regards,

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