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Applicants waiting for background checks!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by isar, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi dear applicants,

    This group is for those who have applied under family class(spouse sponsorship).
    I have seen lots of applicants who are waiting for their BC to be done in this forum. this is a great pain
    we are facing, waiting endlessly. we can share our experience and help each other to understand this part of process better.
    please join this group and lets make it easier for each of us.
    I hope everyone will get the visa soon and join the loved one soon.

    good luck everyone.
  2. timeline after appeal won:

    May 3, 2011 - received application at VO
    May 18, 2011 - started processing the application
    June 15, 2011 - emailed VO for status inquiry
    June 17, 2011 - Vienna VO responded:
    This replies to your enquiry below concerning your spouse's application for a permanent resident visa.

    Please be informed that the background verifications are still ongoing and we are unable to provide a time frame as to when results can be expected. We will inform you on further processing steps as soon as we are in a position to do so.

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Visa section
    Canadian Embassy
    Laurenzerberg 2
    1010 Vienna, Austria

    let the background checks begins!
  3. Mines an inland application, family spousal class.

    Applied Dec 08
    Started processing Jan 09
    file transfered to local office June 09
    Spousal interview August 09
    AIP August 09
    Security Interview May 10
    SIRC involved November 10
    MP involved January 11

    CIC local VO office continue telling me Security checks still havnt been recieved to our office .
    I have written confirmation in January 2011 from SIRC that CSIS DID send the review back to CIC in Ocotber 2010.

    Called CSIS Friday to tell them I have written confirmation from SIRC, that CSIS did send their review back and CIC are telling me they dont have anything from CSIS.

    CSIS sent their review back to CIC 9 months ago !!! next step for me is a Lawyer for WRIT OF MANDAMUS !! and most probably the media and W5 .
  4. Hi eyeofthepcean

    as an inland applicant how long your file has been pending for BC?
    I am lit confused but looks like it is almost a year?!!!
  5. CIC requested CSIS involvement in March 2010, so it is now 13 months since I had a CSIS interview.
  6. Name inland/outland visa office month/s pending for BC CSIS

    eyeoftheocean I - 13 DONE Ocotber 2010
    isar O New Delhi 10 DONE November 2010
    turquoise O Vienna 1 N/A
  7. Name inland/outland visa office month/s pending for BC CSIS

    david26 O Berlin 14 N/A
    eyeoftheocean I - 13 DONE Ocotber 2010
    isar O New Delhi 10 DONE November 2010
    turquoise O Vienna 1 N/A
  8. Oh here I am Isar.my application is also because of the background checks in process and every time i asked the embassy about it so they have sent me the standard email saying the the background checks are still in progress and it has been now 14 months for all this background checks.I really dont know what to do.
  9. Turquoise: why did Vienna deny you?? if it's not too personal :)
  10. Medellinguy: Criminally inadmissible.

    My hubby had a criminal record 13 yrs ago. He was unable to serve his sentence. More than 10 yrs had past, his criminal record became discarded/exempted in the country where he committed and he was able to get a clean police clearance but rehabilitation/pardon under canadian law is only for those who completed their sentence/paid fine so immigration officer denied him.We appeal it in court & was granted under H&C grounds. Now it's back to square one.....
  11. I am sorry, but, you will see the light at the end of the long road...
  12. Medellinguy: Thank you. I hope everybody in this thread will be together with their loved ones....
  13. we are in a same boat david26. I do not know what these people thing of us. I mean visa officers. we are not made of steel. how is that possible for a couple to be apart for over a year. I know it is security reasons. but it is just nonsense. I hope everyone will get the visa soon and join their hubby.

    I had a prolonged stay (5 years) in India for education. no military or government background. all PCCs clean and here I am, haven't seen my love for over a year. we have to just wait and try to keep our self busy. that's what I learned from this.......
  14. CSIS were involved with my case as I was an elected official and now Im in Canada they have me down as a spy LOL ...wouldnt mind the paycheck ! :p
  15. for my case CSIS took only 3 months to do its job. I do not know what other checks they are waiting for since 7 months ago?!!! :(

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