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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by love bird 43, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. "IAD NEW POLICY" for ADR. Effective Date: 5 June 2013

  2. i think is A good step and end a lot of waiting
    And the good of justice Help will be real reunion pairs
    Speed :)
  3. Read this..http://www.thestar.com/news/immigration/2013/04/29/marriage_fraud_canadian_immigration_officials_tread_thin_line.html
  4. if you can not get your skype details before 3 months, try from your husband,s computer. i installed the windows8 to my computer then i had to re install the skype again to my computer. then i also could get details only after i installed the skype. so, then i asked my husband to bring his laptop when he visits me & i used my husband's laptop to get the older details of the skype as he had a laptop from 2011. now i have details of skype from 2011.
  5. Can someone advice what is the current timeline for full hearing at Toronto? We had filed an appeal in August 2012.
  6. I received a letter mentioning that my file is selected for ADR and the date will be set down by phone call or I'll receive another letter with ADR date. so buddies what I should expect how long it will take now to have ADR date?
  7. That's great! How long did it take after you received your file from the visa office?
  8. I got back my file on 31st May and received this letter on 22nd June.
  9. i received a letter as well my file is selected for ADR.........after 15 days we got a call from IAD ......she saying that your date will be set down on august or september2013.....where u from buddy?
  10. ooh that's great it is not so far from now...I am from Montreal and where you from?
  11. married 2 yrs today hoping next yr we will be together
  12. yes my wife sponsored me....she from Montreal....i m from pakistan.....
  13. Hi
    My husband got refusal letter on June 11.
    Cuz his first marriage divorce wasn't valid so it question about my
    Current marriage. So they said its not valid and relationship not genuine .
    Even tho we living together last 5 years and we have a baby girl 9 month old.
    I've to mention this is inland sponsorship.

    So if anybody can tell me, if I appeal which will be ask for judicial review. If they denied to
    Do the judicial review do I have any second option to do re appeal?
    Or they will dismiss my application ?
  14. If you applied inland, I believe there is no more appeal, their initial decision is final.

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