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All SINP application applied in 2012 tracker

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rakeshrpatel1977, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Dear Friends,
    I am starting this thread to keep track of our application for SINP. everyone who applied for SINP in 2012 can post there timeline and all the communication with immigration office here.

    heres my timeline.

    Applied: 24 April, 2012
    category: Hospitality and Tourism
    Visa Office: New Delhi, India
    AOR: Waiting

    Current status: waiting

    Please post yours
  2. have u received file No?
  3. Yes I have received file No. on same day. 24/04/2012
  4. Dear rakesh, how did u get the file no same day....did u apply online...otherwise its not possible at all to receive the file no same day.
  5. Hi Guys,

    You can apply online also by attaching all your relevant documents. I had applied in August-2012 and get file number, login id and password within 2 weeks time.

    Expected reply from them in 6-8 months (Nomination) than another 8-10 months from CIC, local office(New Delhi). So entire process will take 15-18 months i guess.
  6. we mailed to sinp govt immigration to know about the ststus of our file as we applied in july 2011 as skilled worker pnp we havent received our nomination yet...and this reply we received...Your file is currently in process. At this time we are unable to determine when the assessment will be completed...pls share... we applied as skilled worker as our consultant got job offer arranged .. dont know wat to do...
  7. Hi Rish
    Did u apply online ??? Online submission generates file no there and then
  8. yes and than u have to wait, i think its quick compare to paper submission.

    i had read on their official site that they r giving priority to NOC A and B
  9. I have applied under skilled worker in paper form on 31st August.... still waiting for file no... Your assumption is quite similar than me...
  10. Yes I applied on line. Now file status shows "In process". They inquired my job offer employer in Canada last week. Can U ALL plz let me know what is next process and how long they?
  11. Hi Rakesh - Wanted to check if your employer got the Job approval from SINP before you applied or not? Generally now when this process of the employer getting the approval from SINP before the applicant can file the case has started, SINP I guess is not calling employer to check. Please share if your employer had the job approval before you applied.
  12. ramimaka - Did you get the File Number. I am from India as well. I applied through my consultant in India (Paper Application) on 6th September and got an email with the File Number on 18th September. I am not sure why there will be such a delay in generating a file number. If you have still not got it please call SINP and check. It should not be taking this long.

  13. Hi Friends,

    I am an Indian origin, working at 3 Star Hotel; Gujarat, India


    Category..............: SINP
    Visa Office..........: New Delhi
    NOC Code...........: 6216 - Other Service Supervisors
    Job Offer..............: Yes
    App. Filed............: 24/04/2012 (Online Submitted)
    Doc's Request…..: Not yet
    AOR Received….: 24/04/2012 (With File No.)
    IELTS Request…: Submitted with Application
    File Status.......: In Process
    File Transfer…....:
    Med's Request….:
    Med's Done.........:
    Passport Req…....:
    VISA ISSUED....:

    In addition to the above, SINP instructed in the letter that we should not contact them for checking application status; this may occur further delay the process. Therefore I am just waiting for their response at next stage..

    Can anybody guide me here for processing time for SINP nomination in above category? OR any one would like to share their experience to me..

    How about other SINP online applicants who applied in this year 2012? Hope we can hear from you regarding the status of your application

    I would to know the further process and Time breakup.

    Looking forward your healthy response....

  14. Rakesh, my guess is that you will get nomination somewhere around April-May 2013 than 11-12 months for Federal processing.

    I Suggest you to not contact SINP, just wait for good news and pray. :D ;D
  15. Applied in march 2012
    Skilled worker
    No news so far not even doc request ;D

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