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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rhino2008, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. I know ....but my mom said.." you can survive anything except eat" :-D
  2. hi,

    I applied to AINP-H1B stream today in the Industrial/Manufacturing Category. I have a master's in manufacturing and work with a worlds leading heavy equipment manufacturing company since last april on H1B visa. for 10 months till date and prior to that i worked in another comapny in iowa for 6 months as a manufatcuring engineer on my OPT.

    I have provided them proof of previous offer letter, current h1b approval, reference letter from previous company, business cards at previous and present company, recent paystub..etc

    Can anyone let me know, if i am eligible at all for the AINP-H1B category as i have 10 months on H1B and 6 months on OPT in the same field of manufacturing (Total of 16 months). I also have exceptional GPA in my grad school, very decent resume with projects in the core of manufacturing.

    Just wondering if they would consider my application at all? I have applied in desperateness but i felt like i had a chance. It would great if somebody can throw some light or share similar experience related or close to mine?

    I would be grateful, if somebody can provide me some information. Please let me know..if my case will be processed..? is there something else i need to pprovide them? any way out if it gets rejected?..any more useful info or experience..wud be appreciated bro'... thanku very much
  3. HI, Dont worry they should add your OPT and H1 experience. My friend got nomination and he had most of his experience on OPT and so did I.
    Good Luck.

  4. Thanks buddy! (sigh of relief)

    Thank you for your sharing your experience.
  5. Re: AINP ALBERTA: Format of Refernce Letter?

    hi guys,

    what's the format of reference letter AINP requires? Is it an experience letter?

    what are the important sections/content that should go in the letter.. spcifically for Programer Analyst/Software Engineer job roles?

  6. hi
    my job title in h1b visa says programmer analyst..

    so can i use the code 2174, for AINP

    please suggest.............
  7. hi
    am in us on h1b, applying for AINP nomination
    i have some questions about filling 0008f generic,form ,that i need to send along with AINP form

    please clarify

    1. which category should i pick - economic/federal skilled class?
    2. question 13, my job title in h1b is programmer analyst, can i mention the same
    3. do i need to attach a photo in the form
    4. question 19,what is that identity card number? is it the SSN no we have in US
    5. for the second page,i dont have any family member to apply at this time, do i need to say N/A or NONE under family member names?
  8. 1.- Other : AINP - Strategic Recruitment Stream

    2.- I didn't put the same as H1b but double check

    3.- Nope

    4.- Nope is not the SSN just put N/A if you don't have one from your mother country

    5.- Don't leave any blanks at all if you don;t have family just put N/A

    Good Luck!
  9. Hi Rhino2008,
    I can understand your excitement on finding this website and let me tell you that you are at right place.
    I hope, this forum will help you till landing to alberta.

    At the same time, I would request you and all the members of this thread that please stay in one thread/forum so that other senior members can help you guys as well as newbie can get complete information under one forum.

    here is the name of the thread, which is dedicated towards AINP new process after Jan'1'09.

    AINP Application package(H1B Stream) sent after 01-01-2009 under the NEW process


  10. Hi Friends U n..so here is a news from me for u..am also albertas AINP Family Stream Candidate
    today i received my medicals along with some other forms
    they requested to pay right for permanent residance fee and send my passport along with my fee after completion of medical.( with in 30 days from letter received.
    am little bit in doubt..
    why they requested me to send my passport so early , even without reveiwing my medical results????
    Can anyone here Assist me?/

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