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After sponsor interview.how long it take for LOA

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by sukhi kaur, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Please help me he applied in june...brother had sponsor interview in Dec/11.still waiting for LOA.Is there any possibility for rejection.
  2. If he applied in June and was informed of an interview in December, did he attend the interview?
    And what did the IO say to him after the interview?

    Depending on your VO, the waiting time after interview varies because most VO's PR Visa are issued
    on the same day. Right now all you need to do is order GCMS Note and find out what is going on with
    your file or track the status of your application on ECAS. If a decision is made on your application, you
    will receive a letter either by mail or email. Goodluck
  3. hi there,
    Officer phoned my brother in Winnipeg,asked few question like abt the education,work experience,etc over the phone.At the same time they told him to submit few more papers .After interview is it possible for rejection.

  4. it all depends on visa officer, if he satisfy then no otherwise yes they can!!!!
    wht did vo told at interview time???
    did he say he is approving ur file or wat????
  5. Hi yug,

    First time officer called from Mississauga and she also called at my brother company to conform how long he is working there .Then second officer called from Winnipeg she told him to submit some documents and she was trying to phone his landlord to confirm that he lives there. That time landlord was at Emergency(hospital) with his mom .He didn't picked up then officer told my brother she will cancel the file if landlord don't call them back.Finally the landlord called back in half an for five times she didn't picked up it went to voice mail.

    All happened in dec 2011.Till no updates.Brother applied under Mpnp blood relation.

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