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Admission in Stouffville College, Toronto

Discussion in 'International Students' started by k786, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Is it possible for me to get admission in Stoffville College? I am from Pakistan.
    I joined ACCA last year but haven't given any papers yet.. I will have to give the 3 Foundations in Accountancy first. So can i get admission without giving those 3 papers and transferring onto ACCA or should i give those papers and transfer onto ACCA then apply for admission?

    And what are the supporting documents mentioned in the application form.
  2. For getting admission as far you have the registration card or ACCA number you can apply in both Stoufville and LSBF.

    You have to pay Subscription fee to ACCA which is I guess 72pounds yearly.

    It's your own choice weather you give it here or give those papers in Canada.

    For more update join this page

    For Visa Status off current applicant you can follow:

    I am sharing some more Information which may be beneficial for you . .

    If, you really want to do ACCA as ACCA is not that much recognize in Canada because they prefer CGA and CA mostly.
    CGA and ACCA signed a mutual agreement on the basis of you scratch my back I scratch yours but for that an ACCA or CGA must be member of there accountancy body means have 3years of relevant experience in the field of audit or finance. After, that you can claim CGA membership or ACCA membership.

    You, can't apply for CGA directly as Canada High Commission strongly belief that if an applicant is applying for CGA or CA his/her intention is not come back which make some sense as well.

    Now, for the college if your intention is to do ACCA from Canada than it's your choice whether you choice LSBF or Stoufville.

    LSBF required 50% fees in advance to apply and send you Letter of Accpetance plus give you discount on bulk buying for example 3, 6, 9 or 14papers check on there website.Where else Stoufville required 250CND$ to 400CND$ payment in advance to send you Letter of Acceptance further payment on arrival and as far I know they don't give bulk discount on papers.

    But, if you feel that you don't want to continue ACCA your intention is just to reach there and do CGA or CA than, Stouffville is the best option to apply as your not bound to pay them in advance and as soon you land swtich yourself to CGA. As once, you reach there you want be kicked at all .. Wink

    Now, the payments:
    Per month expense is 1000CND$ x 12 =12,000$CND + 1year Education Fee + 4000CND$ for the save side "Minimum requirement" else it's upto you how much you can show. Furthermore, Canada High Commission accept your own person a/c statement , your father or your relative as well and Loan Letter is also acceptable.

    ACCA session start in both colleges in February. If you want to apply in this session do it as soon as possible within this week. As, both the colleges are situated in Ontario and only one applicant received his medical call yet. Next session will be in September 2012 for that you can apply in January onwards.

    and one more post . . .

    I already told you brother LSBF required 50% fees which means you will be bound with them. They wont return you until and unless no serious refusal comes from High Commission. On the other side, Stouffville required maximum 400$CND too issue you Letter of Acceptance and other 6000$ to 7000$ on arrival and your not bound to give them until and unless your intention is to continue to study with them.

    Yes, you can change college to college and university to university and you don't need to explain why your changing to High Commission but if you change to college to university or university to college than you have to write a letter to High Commission.
    Furthermore, if your intention is to study CGA check on there website first they required some attested and sealed documents to give you admission and it's better you do it advance else you have to ask someone in Pakistan to send you such documents.

    Your ielts is weak but not that much weak but for university level it is. May be university or college ask you do first some English course to cover your studies in future or they ask you to give GMAT or IELTS again so, it's upto you again do it in advance from Pakistan or do it from Canada when you reach there.

  3. Hi,

    With admission in Stoffville College, you are not eligible for;

    1. Off Campus work permit
    2. Any Post Graduate Work Permit
  4. Extremely important information. +1
  5. @ ramzero

    Thanks for the reply.. Can you tell me what supporting documents i have to send that are mentioned in the admission form?

    Also at the Stouffvill site they have a online registration form and an application form.. could you tell me which i have to submit for admission?
  6. For stoufville fill their online form first. They will review it and send you a offer letter first pay there fees and in next 10 to 15days they send you Letter of Acceptance Letter after that you can apply for visa.

    The maximum stoufville may ask you to submit scan copy of this documents in initial stages
  7. @ ramzero

    Ok i have two more questions. In the registration form i have to choose the start month of my program of choice(ACCA).. So according to what you said i have to either choose Feb 2012 or Sep 2012, right?

    And if i fill in the agency info on the registration form does it help in the admission in any way or is it ok if i don't fill in any agency info?
  8. 1. If you choose Feb 2012 session they will issue you letter of acceptance for the session of Feb 2012 which my contain a expiry date as well or if you choose for Sep 2012 intake than you have wait 6 to 7 month for your visa issue.
    Your almost late to apply for February intake but still it depend on luck. Try it may be you got if for Feb intake or in-case of refusal you can re apply for Visa process. Until and unless any big refusal doesn't appear on your Refusal Letter such as family ties in Canada, Financial Issue, Study Mis-match, VO is not satisfied that you won't come back after competing your studies. Than you have to work on that as well for your next apply.

    2. Agency option is for those who are applying from some agency. Your doing by it yourself than you don't need to fill that option.
  9. Hi Enfield, hope u r fine and enjoying the land of Canada, bro one of my Asst. took admissionin Stouffville College and after he reached he immediately start work 10 hrs a day and 3 days a week along with his classes of ACCA in Stouffville College
  10. He is not legally allowed to do job . . He might be doing cash jobs there which you can get easily but if you caught you will be depot as happening in UK now adays. Until and unless Canada Government is sleeping do it carefully
  11. Hi,

    In addition to Ramzero post;

  12. I emailed Stouffville regarding these issues on Sunday but have not gotten any reply. Should i wait for the reply or submit the registration form now?
  13. We give you almost all the information . . Still you want to wait for their reply it's your choice
  14. Ok. Planning on applying for admission tonight INSHALLAH
  15. Just applied.. Waiting for acceptance INSHALLAH :)

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