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ACCA is equivalent to Masters and can we claim 25 points

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by ambwani, May 4, 2010.

  1. Now a days ACCA is providing a letter of equivalence which clearly states that ACCA fully qualified is equivalent to Masters Degree in UK . Can we claim 25 points on the basis of ACCA. Do anyone has claimed 25 points against ACCA Qualification merely on the basis of Equivalency Certificate.


  2. hi fellow,
    nice to see there is someone like me who is worried about ACCA's acceptancy.

    i don't know if my response here will give u the answer u were looking for:

    i passed all my ACCA exams, i don't have any university degree (not even the Oxford Brookes one :(), i made numerous calls to ACCA Canada & ACCA UK. they both said, ACCA members get considerable points while applying for Canadian immigration; this was not the answer i was looking for as i am not a memeber.

    so, i called many consultants (whom i consider pretty useless in helping someone to immigrate) & guess what, one immi. consultants came very helpful even though i was not paying a single penny to them. they told me if it took me 5 years to complete ACCA (which it took me indeed as i was not so bright like my friend who passed ACCA in 3 years)& if i can get the course completion certificate from the college that i studied, i will get 25 points as in UK it takes 5 years (4 years Hons + 1 year Masters) to get the proper university masters degree.

    and also don't forget, according to Operations Manual 6, the visa officers are required to exercise their knowledge of local educational qualifications & education to grant points. so, if the visa officer is in UK then should know that in UK ACCA qualification alone by its own merit is reagrded as Masters level qualification.

    So, based on the above understandiong I submitted a nice looking cover letter from myself stating why i think i should be granted 25 points for my ACCA qualification & also backed up my statement with ACCA's equivalency letter & of course i had to show that i had 17 year's full time education. so far i have just received medical request from London CHC & don't know how long i will have to wait for PPR or for any developments.

    best of luck, my friend.........

  3. Dear

    I received a response from ACCA canada. As per them ACCA member is eligible to get 20 marks. But he he has graduation as well then he is entitiled to get 22 marks. But this was as per response from ACCA Canada. I dont know the actual pratice in CHC.
  4. You can claim 20 points and not 25. Because it does not matter how much time you spend in one degree. Unless you have two or more degrees which should be either a master or a phd and then completed 17 years of education cummulatively then you get 25 points.
  5. I have following degrees beides ACCA.

    M.A ( Economics) External Programme
    B.COM ( 2 - Years )
    LLB ( 3 - Years )
    B.SC Applied Accounting ( Oxford Brookes )

    Now it depends how will they assess my application. I do not know , will they award me 25 or 22.

  6. Hi

    1. ACCA the same as CPA and CGA etc. are professional designations, they are not degree programs.
    2. It depends on how many years it took you to get your MA less than 17 22 points.
  7. I did my CMA from Pakistan and was awarded 25 points for 17 years education by the immigration officer.

    CMA is 3 years full time equivalent professional qualification. My institute provided a letter of good standing mentioning the duration of studies and affiliation with foreign accounting bodies which i submitted along with other documents.

    The break up of 17 years education is 12 years of high school (SSC & HSC) + 2 years of Graduation (B.Com) + 3 years of CMA (ICMAP).

    If ACCA is also 3 years full time equivalent studies and you have done graduation (i.e. 15 years of education) then i believe you will get 25 points.

    Just want to add one more thing most of the consultants advised me that i will only get 22 points but i supported my case with proper documentation and was awarded 25 points.

    Hope this will help

  8. Nice post Rizwan Sb !

  9. Dear you can all me Rizwan. BTW any news from CHC ? if i am not wrong you are waiting for medicals?
  10. GOOD jee
  11. Dear Rizwan,

    Thank you very much for reply. I would appricite, if you let me explain that Institute means ''college'' or ACCA - UK office. I called to ACCA UK office , they are saying that they can not issue letter regarding 3 years completion. They told me that they can issue a letter which states that ACCA is equivalent to Masters. Now It depends how immigration department will consider that letter.


  12. ACCA is correct. ACCA itself can't issue the Certificate of Course Completion. this can only be issued by the college where u studied ACCA course. and this certificate will make a difference between getting 20 or 22 or 25 points.

    best of luck...........

  13. Dear shibleebd,

    I have taken classes from different Institutes for different subjects, It would be difficult for me to arrange a one certificate for course completion. I have mentioned total study period in the form and also attatched ACCA - Masters Equivalency letter. I have sent my application to the UK- office. Now it depends on my luck and officer's thinking. Whats your openion?


  14. if u hav already sent the full docs to London CHC, then there is not much to be done as those docs represents & supports ur papers & declaration.

    but i am wondering how u sent the 'Certificate of Course Completion' as required by the checklist for London CHC?

  15. Dear ambwani,

    As i am not an ACCA therefore i can only give my opinion.

    In my opinion the letter should be from the mother body and not the tuition providers. Remember you have passed your ACCA exams conducted by ACCA (UK) so the letter should be also issued by that body. There are many institutes which provide tuitions for ACCA exams these can be colleges or Institutes but they have no authority to certify that the ACCA is equivalent to full time 3 year study. It does not matter how much time you spend to qualify ACCA (in my case i took 5 years to complete CMA which was a 3 years program) so you are bound to get points on the basis of actual program and not on the basis of how long you studied for that exam.

    Now in your case you have confirmed 14 years education ( i.e B.Com) in addition to that you have done ACCA. If ACCA can be done after B.Com and minimum time required to clear all exams of ACCA is 3 years then you can claim 17 years education points. Try to convince the ACCA body to issue a letter confirming the credit hours of the program and duration if possible other wise you can give a written explanation to the Immigration officer about your Education Points. Further you can also mention in your written explanation that ACCA has MRA with CGA Canada which will certainly help.


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