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Wrong date on Open Work Permit

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by shelley417, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. My husband just received his OWP while waiting for his PR. His OWP came with the issue date AND the expiry date BOTH being 2017-10-31. Its case type 27 (so it should be 12 months in time) and with all the other "normal" conditions that I have read about online. Is this just a typo?!? I can find anywhere else this has been done to someone else. We have contacted the CIC through email to see if this is just a typo. Anyone else experience this?!?
  2. Ours was also issued Oct 31, 2017 with the same date as the expirary.. Will try calling them tomorrow. Have you heard anything back regarding this yet?
  3. I was told its useless to call since you wont even get a person really. I emailed the IRCC and was told to fill out the form IMM1436E and then submit it. We are sending ours today registered mail ASAP and writing on the envelope URGENT. I am thinking it has to be a typo glitch that happened to everyone that day. Why else would it be?!? They should be issuing new work permits for everyone on that day then, right?!? ASAP!!!
  4. My husband received a corrected work permit in his email yesterday and should be receiving the proper certificate in the mail. Did you receive a correction??
  5. Hi, did you end up submitting the imm 1436 form?

    I'm currently in the same situation. I called multiple times until someone told me they had sent a request to the office that issued my document. But it has been a month since then and all I get from the call center is "please be patient, we will have news for you soon"
  6. It took a while, but they finally corrected it. I just had to be patient and call them every week until someone decided to do something about it. Got my work permit approved on October 7th, valid until October 31st 2021.
  7. Is there any update regarding the submission of
    imm 1436? I think no matter how many times I called, I could not talk to anyone in IRCC regarding the issue. However, eventually, we managed to correct the error on PR card.

    Seems an email is the only mean of communication with them. A friend of mine had a study permit stating that he was not allowed to work

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