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Working in Ottawa, Living in Gatineau

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by atzquebec, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    We became a PR (Quebec Selection).

    Having signed the intend to live in Quebec, Is it possible to work in Ottawa (Ontario province), but live in Gatineau (Quebec province).

    Would the above comply with 'intention to live' in Quebec aspect ?
  2. Yes I think no problems there.
  3. Thanks.

    What do you think in terms of filing taxes, as paycheck comes from Ottawa ?
  4. Guys, how about the reverse scenario? My friend got PR from OIPNP (Ontario PNP). Is it possible to work in Quebec but live in Ontario? Will it satisfy the intention to live in Ontario?
  5. After first landing you can settle down in any province

    This is what CIC says here http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1113&top=6

    As a permanent resident, you have the right to live, work or study anywhere in Canada

    This is what law says here http://publications.gc.ca/Collection-R/LoPBdP/CIR/904-e.htm

    6(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.
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  6. But wouldnt that be overridden with the Intention to live in a particular state, if one has the provincial nomination from that state/province?
  7. You need to prove your "Intent to live in sponsoring province" only until your landing. After landing you are covered and protected by your "Mobility Rights" laid down under Federal laws.
  8. When you say Landing can that be a soft landing or one has to reside for the first two years post landing in Canada?
  9. Soft landing
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  10. Okay. Thank you for the information buddy! appreciate it!
  11. But wouldn't that change the reason they got PR in the first place? I mean they got the extra points and hence PR because of their nomination. I always found this to be confusing.
  12. It's not confusing. The act is perfectly legal, but definitely an abuse of the system. Eventually as more and more people abuse the system, they'll come up with stricter laws to control it
  13. I agree. But what happens when you try to find a job in Ontario (or the province that nominated you) and you are unable to find it.. and you get an opportunity in a different province?

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