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Working in Dubai-Abu Dhabi should i apply for PR-Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by aggy10, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Hi all,
    Please share your opinion/advice. I am working in Dubai..currently abu dhabi with tax free salary of appox 18 thousand dirhams / month...guess its CAD 6000. I was thinking to apply Canada PR hoping life should be better there. Mainly now that i have a kid was thinking the education and medical benefits offered by canadian government is better. things which bothers me is....
    1. how much is sufficient salary to get a normal house for a family of 3 and to cover all other expenses

    Also if anyone in this forum could help with appox cost of living, food, car, petrol, school expenses...that would be much appreciated.
  2. Getting a job is the big problem in Canada. Monthly expenses around CAD 3000.
  3. You need to reassess your priorities. You won't make as much money in Canada as you make in UAE and you will be paying taxes. What is your opinion about better life? If you are looking at good education, medical facilities, freedom of speech, human rights then Canada is better. If you want to make money then UAE is the best for tax free salary. Some employers in UAE provide accommodation while others give an accommodation allowance. There are also annual tickets back home. You won't get such benefits from a Canadian employer. This also depends on which is your country of nationality. You can work as long as you want in UAE but on retirement, you have to go back home.
  4. Thank you for your feedback, just to have an idea....if i am offered appox CAD 65000 per annum and lets say that i am the only person who would be earning initially, Would it be enough to live in Mississauga with family of 3. myself, my wife and 3yr old son. I understand i wont be able to save as much as i do in UAE...however if i can provide good education for my kid and have a better family life i ready to take that chance....Please provide honest feedback
  5. :) bro i live in the middle east too, and you need to do your research .. becoz expenses for each family differ from the other... depends on first where you want to live (i'm not just talking about city, the suburb as well, i'm guessing good school districts would cost more than the other ones) and you also have to reserach how much money your job will fetch in canada...

    i cant wait to get out of here... 6+ years and conting in ME, good money , nice life... but i cant live with the fear of deportation everytime i lose a job (i have lost my job 3 times here) so yeah - canada is the place for me...
  6. You know your field so research on the potential salary you that job earns. Be prepared to start all over in the field or start a few steps lower than where you are to compensate for the lack of local experience which is often asked for by employers. The cost of living depends on how you live. Eating out at posh places daily or taking a cab will not make your income go far. At the same time, you are wise enough to manage your expenses based on your income. There will be a struggle initially and that is why CIC has a proof of funds threshold. Then again, the threshold for the whole of Canada and based on low income cut off. All areas in Canada are not the same for expenses. Homes near good schools often attract a premium. Think about what is more important. Staying close to a school, station, supermarket, mall and paying a high price for the convenience or staying a little away and braving the harsh winter to get what you need. Look at grocery sites and see how much your groceries will cost for a family of 3. Also look at home rentals to see the average cost of homes. Having no credit history in the country could mean having less access to credit and sometimes paying upfront for utilities.
  7. Hi, I am also from UAE. Currently, I am earning somehow close to what you are earning. Everyone is asking why did you apply for Canada when you are earning well here? I applied for Canadian Immigration last 2014 and it was granted same year. I have been a Canadian PR for almost a year now, going to Canada back and forth, but still working here in UAE to save money and invest more in my home country. Early next year, I will be moving completely. Currently, I am doing few certifications to land at least a better job in Canada.

    In my humble opinion, I will not look for a bigger salary in Canada, same like what I am getting in UAE or more, but at least more simpler and hopefully a better quality of life for me and my family.
  8. What about taxes do you have to pay taxes to canadian government being a PR i have a job on canada amd uae and I want to earn some money from uae before going to canada after my soft landing ot is for two years will i be taxed from the canadian government for my stay and salary from uae if so then going to uae might be a bad idea
  9. Did you find an answer to this?
    I will be doing soft landing in June and will come back to UAE after a week and Plan to go back permanently next year.
    Is my salary in UAE taxable till that time?
  10. No taxes for what you earn outside canada, i.e. if you don't reside in Canada even if you are PR or citizen.
  11. On the topic of the thread, I can tell you this for sure.. If you are planning to move after couple of years making 'enough' money in middle east, that day is never going to come for sure. You'll keep weighing pros and cons till the end.

    From what I have seen in cases of soft landing is that if people cannot make a decision and move as soon as they land, they eventually never make it finally. You all would mostly end up wasting PR and money spent on it.
  12. This is incorrect. You can be a Canadian resident for tax purposes even if you don't live in Canada. For example if your family lives in Canada and you don't your family has to declare your worldwide income. If you are just doing a soft landing you will be fine.
  13. I gave the response quoting his post. So it is applicable for that specific scenario. He didn't mention about moving his family here.
  14. Yes in canada it depends on ur ties with canada these are of two typed primary which include having a house in canada or ur wife and children living in canada while you work in uae if they are with u in uae and you have no house in canada then u must be safe. Secondary ties inculde having a bank balance passport car furniture health insurance etc

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