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Working for a US firm from Canada - Open work permit holder

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by SSL, May 10, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am currently in Canada on my "Open Work Permit". My husband is on his work permit. So as a dependent I got Open Work Permit. I have a job offer from a US company now. They are okay that I work from Canada remotely.

    Could you please help me to get some answers for below questions?

    1. Is it legal to work for a US firm from Canada if I have an Open Work permit?
    2. If yes, then do I need to work as a contractor to them? We are not PR holders yet. But soon we are starting to apply for it. So for working as an independent contractor do I need to start a Company in Canada? Or an Individual can do it directly and file tax using T2125?
    3. Can my US form legally take me as their permanent employee (US/Canada Payroll)?

    Thank you,
  2. Any help will be much appreciated!
  3. A person can work remotely from Canada without the need for a WP or OWP, as long as they are not working for a Canadian company or individual and are not remunerated from within Canada.

    It's up to the company you work for as to whether or not you are an independent contractor (receiving a 1099-MISC at the end of the year), or have taxes taken out as an employee. As an independent contractor, you'll be paying tax on any amount you earn over $400 and will need to determine the currency conversion at the end of the year for tax purposes...which is a lot of fun! :)
  4. Thank you Ponga! :)
  5. Hi, I just found this post and I'm currently under the exact same situation. Could you tell me the way that you ended doing the process? I'm under a open work permit and I got an offer from a US company. I would really appreciate your answer. Thanks!
  6. Hey NVO,

    Did you worked for US firm on open work permit?

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