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Work Permit with LMIA applicants from india

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Harmanhira87, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. No I don’t think this will help you alot .you should hire immigration lawyer to apply on your behalf as they have proper knowledge of processing inside canada.also when hiring ,you should ask them you also wanted to have full access to your profile after applying
  2. If documents are not organised and presented in an orderly manner ,chances of rejection increases
  3. hi any update?
  4. I got lmia based work permit from India last month .no n I am in Surrey British Columbia.if any one need a help about documentation what's app me my Canadian number+12368888073
  5. i m waiting for my nanny LMIA
  6. Hey Guys,
    Finally my wait is over .
    Me and my wife both got our Work Permit and Open Work Permit Approved.Below Is my Timeline :-
    Application Submitted (paper based) at VFS Chandigarh:-16 april
    Visa approved:-19 july
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  7. congrats ,what type of work permit u and your wife got mean driver ,nanny or anything else and had u both applied together in different type ,have u both got any interview ?
  8. Thanks.I have applied as farm supervisor and my wife is open work permit .no interview.
  9. Yes both applied together
  10. Hi Everyone,

    Is there anyone who has applied for global talent stream work permit and received it within 4 weeks ?

    Thank you
  11. My file submitted on 25 may for work permit as farm supervisor at chd vfc.

    What is the real timeline that I should expect the results.
  12. Hello, same situation.

    Got a LMIA of babysitter. Now holding a TRV in Canada. Could I apply the work permit within Canada?

    I just found out that I could apply online. If I apply online, how could I send my passport? Back to my home country?
  13. Hello, i am deepak from windsor ontario please give me advice to get LMIA JOB FROM CANADIAN EMPLOYER, PLEASE
  14. Hello, I am Deepak from windsor ontario and looking for LMIA in food job so please help me to get LMIA jobs, my number is 2269615731 whatsapp number. Thank you.

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