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work permit for unskilled labour

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ashokpatel, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Hello friend i m from india.i have lower level of formal training in oil and gas industry.i have positive lmo from employer. i am going to work as afloorhand.as i have no experience.is there any chances for work permit.your reply will br appreciated.i say thank you in advance
  2. If you have a positive LMO (and it's genuine), then applying for the work permit should be a formality.

    In order to get an LMO, your employer has had to show that you were the best applicant for the position and they can't find a Canadian of equal/better experience despite advertising the post.
  3. hey friend thank you very much for your reply.as a fact i had genuine lmo from the employer horizone drilling company in alberta.as oil and gas sector is booming incanada and there are not enough canadianfor this industry.thank you verymuch for your reply once again

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