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Wish to buy RV Park / Running Motel in Atlantic Region for PR

Jul 7, 2019
Myself from India, interested in Business PR category. Personally i have approx. 20 years of business experience and have little net worth to invest. I am open to buy a RV park / Motel for my goal of settlement in Canada as businessman.
I am ready to buy/acquire a running business in Canada and presently i am exploring Atlantic region of Canada specially Nova scotia.
Please Advise
1. Is my decision right to buy a running business and get PR
2. Am i eligible for PR Under entrepreneur category
3. I can make 30/40% as down payment for buying a business and rest can be managed by loan from a canadian bank. Will this work
4. Is my decision to choose Atlantic region (Specially NS, NB, PI etc) right to settle
5. I am ready to join a group/consortium of like minded ppl to buy large businesses as partners.

My whatsapp no is 917710551800 and mail id globalmoneyguru@gmail.com


Jul 15, 2019

I worked offshore for most of my life.
Looking to start something and move with my son who is 16 years old
I can invest
Let us connect My whatsapp 91 9445440530