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Wind could make temperature in northern Alberta feel like –50C

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Baloo, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Stay warm.

  2. Welcome to Canada! :)....haha!
  3. That is the way to do it, a WARM welcome :)
  4. Yes, it was cold...very cold...stupid cold in fact!! We're back to a toasty -3 right now - might need to crack open the BBQ!!
  5. After reading this thread, I cant help but question my sanity on the decision of going to Canada to be with my boyfriend. :'(
  6. Although it is can get that cold, I can assure you that in most Canadian cities those kind of temps are very rare and only occur a few days out of the year. Unless of course your BF lives in the extreme northern part of Canada near the north pole.

    However, mostly it's around -1 to -10 or -15 in the winter.

    Also in places like Victoria or Vancouver it's quite rare for the temp to fall below -5.
  7. hi
    what about kids , how they go to school in this weather , and how people are going to work as well !!! pls advice

    i am really scared to go an stay in canada considering this tempereture .. i am coming from dubai !!
  8. @amaniziad were you scared initally when u came to dubai because of the hot temperatures (50 degrees), just chill you are not alone out there in Canada.
  9. And there people are working outside in oil fields. There are warming stations. You got to get in and for few minutes to warm up every now and then. Also for certain jobs Alberta pays much more than rest of the provinces.
  10. The cold temperatures do sound scary, but life continues as normal - just with a few extra layers of clothing. It really does sound worse than it is, you just need to be prepared for it and make sure that you have the right equipment and clothing.
  11. I'm used to it myself :) -50 yeah but equiped with a godd quality jackets and pants you feel like your are in hawaii :) thank god for the good and awesome quality canadian clothing and brands. It's worth every dollar you pay and they last for years!

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