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Will my experience on the closed ICT be counted as Canadian?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by shredder, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I've been working as an ICT employee (class A NOC) since the middle of 2016 - on the 3rd ICT closed WP already (total number of days I've spend in Canada as of now is almost 600):
    • 1st was for 1 year;
    • 2nd was for 2 years;
    • 3rd (current) is for 2 years.
    The important thing here is that all these years my employer didn't want to transfer me (for obvious reasons) to Canadian payroll, so I've been travelling for 2-3 month business trips from Europe to Canada and all my income was (and is) from European company branch.

    With that said, I'd assume that I have 3 years of Canadian work experience as of now (since my past two work permits were valid for 3 years in total).

    1.Is my assumption correct, that I can claim 3 years of Canadian work experience for EE (CEC/FSW)?
    2.Did some of you have similar experience before (ICT closed WP, business trips to Canada, no Canadian payroll - successfully claimed related work permits as Canadian experience)?

    Much appreciate!
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    If your employer is not Canadian and/or Canada based, and you have not been on a Canadian payroll, I doubt very much that you can claim it as Canadian experience, regardless of having a work permit for the short term periods that you were on Canadian soil. However, I may be incorrect. Only way to know is to check with IRCC probably. It doesn't seem to me that you actually "transferred".
  3. Hi @zazdoz.
    Thanks for your prompt response! Much appreciate!

    Yes, looks like I'd need to contact our local IRCC.
    BTW, do you know what is the best way to contact them?
    I've checked couple of our local offices and all of them state 'Appointment only', which basically means I'd need to have my EE profile created before going to them...
  4. The Web Form on the IRCC website is the best way.

  5. The webform is only for those who have already applied... And I would say the OP´s question is probably too technical for the call centre agents.

    But I agree, it probably won´t count, because the in-Canada work was done as a business trip, without ever establishing residence or employment in Canada.

    shredder - so it seems obvious that you would not have received a T4, did you file Canadian tax returns for those years?

    This is a case where it might be worth paying a lawyer or consultant for a consultation. Choose well, they are not all reliable.

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