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Will it be a frosty Friday?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by tamaraw, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Edited to show an admirable economy of language. Not sure why scylla bothered to quote it in full, below. Seems like a waste of bandwidth and might slow down some readers.
  2. Recommend you be a great deal crisper in your posts in the future. You've provided a lot of info that's not relevant and it was quite a bit of work to try to pick out the stuff that is. I'll answer what I can - but may have missed key facts.

    - No process exists where you can post a bond / security to guarantee a visitor will return home after their trip.
    - Yes, he needs to start by obtaining a passport.
    - Yes, his lack of employment / ties to his home country / previous travel will make the TRV process more challenging.
    - Yes, if possible, I would wait until you can report higher income before applying.
    - I would not recommend transferring funds to him. Without employment proof, it's quite possible IRCC will question the sources of those funds and then it will be obvious they were transferred to him for the sole purpose of strengthening his application.
    - See what you can do to show ties. If he owns land, obtain and include proof of ownership.
    - See what you can do to show he's in a common law relationship with your wife's mother (if they are still together) and also has other family (children, grandchildren?) back home. Since they aren't coming with him, they can be used as ties.
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    Pruned for even greater economy.
  4. No admonition here. None of us on this forum (or even someone off the forum. Read: Visa officers) have the luxury of time. Superfluous details take away from the crux of the matter + make the reader to lose interest even if someone has attempted to go through a long-winding post.

    It is really generous and kind of @scylla to have read through your entire post and for her to have given her views.

    Why am I saying this? The same yardstick applies to your TRV application as well. Visa officers are constrained for time. If you want your application to have any chances of success:
    1. Keep the language to simple, every day. You'll probably get a Band 9 in IELTS, but that's not required in your communication to IRCC :)
    2. State your facts in a point-format/bullet format. Short and crisp.
    3. State what is relevant to your TRV application.... more specifically, facts that would help the visa officer to assess your situation + make a decision.

    I did not go through your posts. I skipped reading your posts after the first two lines :p
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  5. And just how, pray tell, was my initial post about a TRV for a relative any more verbose and larded with irrelevant material than was your post a few years back entitled: "Visitor Visas for Parents and Myself - Need advice"? A fine parsing of what you then wrote would reveal more than a few words that could have been omitted.

    Anyway, I get the idea that this forum is for the intently-focussed and businesslike types who have no time for personal introductions, background or pleasantries. Fine. To me, the idea of providing some detail and background helps readers to see how closely their situation compares with those of another. It should eliminate the need for some questions and lead to increased efficiency, which seems to be key here. However, it appears that such inane banter derogates seriously from the unbridled haste that is apparently a hallmark of this forum.

    And on the topic you raise of visa officers having no time for any application that has not been stripped to its essentials, how do you reconcile that with what you wrote of your own TRV application:

    The look on the VFS guy's face when we submitted our paper-based applications was not to be missed..... he simply could not believe that the huge pile of neatly sequenced explanations + a separate pile of well-numbered Evidence..... Sponsor documents.... was just one application.... Mine..... I was the Principal Applicant.

    Can you fairly say that every piece and every word of that "huge pile" was a sine qua non to the success of the application? I would doubt it.

    Anyway, I appreciate the warm welcome and I would ask that you strike my membership here. It was ill-considered. I have not found a way to do it, but perhaps you are endowed with the means.

  6. None of my papers were extraneous/irrelevant. You don't know the facts of my case. So, stay out!

    In any case, I do not need to prove anything to you. Nor do I have the time to read your voluminous posts. Also, I'm not the one seeking advice on this forum.

    BTW did I not say that some people have too much free time on their hands than the rest of us busy folks? You most certainly do by digging up old posts!

    Good luck!

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