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Will it affect my PR? I need help, please share your input!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Garfield7999, Jun 2, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    My partner (principal applicant) and I became permanent residents last February 2017 through PNP. My partner is also a green card holder (US), but we decided to accept the PNP nomination since the processing is faster. He left the United States and his job hoping that we can start living together in Canada anew. We settled in the province that nominated us with a clear intention to settle here for good. We leased a place to stay for year, got drivers lic, and health card; unfortunately, it's almost 4 months and we are still struggling to find a job. It was a painful decision, but we agreed that my partner will go back to the US since his former employer wants him back, and also a job was offered to me in another province. Given the situation above, my concerns are:

    1. We plan to see each other once a month, since he is a PR and US card holder, he can come in and out of Canada, but you think using his PR to enter Canada will put him in trouble since he is working in the US now? and can be questioned how come he is not in the province that nominated him?

    2. You think it is better for him to surrender his PR since he can enter Canada using his green card? or can he keep it for now?

    3. As a dependent of the principal applicant who is a provincial nominee, is moving to a different province can affect my PR card status?

    4. If the principal applicant decides to surrender his PR, do you think my PR status here in Canada will be affected as a dependent?

    Your expert advise is greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you very much!

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    As per previous post only surrender PR as a last resort given as new PRs you can spend maximum 3 years out of the first 5 since initial landing and still meet the residency requirement as long as accumulate 730 days across the first 5 years. Already have 4 months so 'only' another 20 months over the next 4 years 8 months.

    Plenty of time to hope things improve on the employment front and whilst you gained PR through PNP from a moral viewpoint you should put effort into staying in the province however there is no legal obligation to do so. You are PRs and free to live and work in any province you so wish as PRs.

    So go get that job in the other province and also although small in scheme of things every day arriving and leaving Canada counts as in the country down to seconds in a day.

    Good luck
  4. Hello poisonapple,

    Thank you for your reply. With regards to question 4, I saw this in CIC's website and I quote"

    "How will renouncing my permanent resident status affect my family?
    Your family members do not need to renounce their permanent resident status if you do. They can remain permanent residents.

    However, when IRCC receives your application to renounce your permanent resident status, it will suspend any active family class sponsorship applications you may have already submitted. If your application to renounce your permanent resident status is approved, any sponsorship application that is still in process will be refused. The applications for permanent residence of any family you have sponsored that are still in process will also be refused. The processing fees will not be refunded."

  5. Thank you for your insightful input Bs65.

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