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Will everyone's PR be cancelled

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Linobmw2000, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    My partner & I applied for PR in May of this year. The biological father of her child is not consenting to a passport.We have gone the legal route to try and get a court to grant us the same, but this process has been taking much time.My question is, would IRCC request passports from us, will our application still be successful or do we stand the risk of having the entire application cancelled.Any thoughts?
  2. Until you have completed the legal process, the whole process is stalled. You realize that a passport is only part of the requirements? You will also need either sole legal custody or his written consent to remove the child to Canada as well.
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  3. So we not sure how long the legal process will still take, so we may have to leave her behind for now and myself and partner will go for now to activate PR and come back to home country after about 2 months or so.Will IRCC still grant us visas even though the minor doesn't have a passport
  4. If you land now without getting the chills medical done and him/her being on your application you won't be able to sponsor the child the future. You will need to figure out your custody agreement first.
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  5. Medical was done in March of this year for all of us including the child using a passport that expired in June of this year
  6. You can change the child to non-accompanying and your app will continue to be processed.

    To sponsor the child, your wife will need to be in Canada throughout the process. If the child is not visa-exempt and cannot get a TRV, they would be apart for the process.
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