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Wife sponsorship issues need help

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Life, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hi there everyone
    I am 28 and my wife is 26.I met her online in mar of 2006,we talked for a year and I flew back to her country to get married feb 2007.Then my wife gotten a letter for a interview with the immigration of canada.They failed her due to fact that we where young and I was a born and raised canadian.We talked to each other by phone,internet and I also send her money each month.I also have photos of our wedding and a dvd also photos of our honey moon.So I flew back to canada and hired a lawyer and the lawyer got me a (ADR) alternative dispute resolution conference.I attended the conference and still they said our marraige is not real.That was on aug of 2008.Each year i return to visit my wife may 2008, and this year just recently march 2009.My lawyer has not called me and everytime i call him his secretary says leave a message and he well call me back on the situation.But he never does and robbed me $3500 for all the papper work.From the last time I saw him he said to wait for a (IAD) immigration appeal division.I wait almost a year now no response may I ask on opinion do I hire a new lawyer or do I wait for the iad letter or do i redo the whole process again Thank you
  2. Try living with her in her country for a while and then apply again. Keep solid evidence over everything you do together, living together etc. so you can use it for the next application.
  3. Hi there Leon
    Is that my lawyer says to wait for a appealing letter,but for almost a whole year now.I haven't received anything about my case.Is there a place I can mail a letter to or call reguards my case and where it stands Hope to get some opinions and help please.
  4. You can talk to your MP and ask if he can do anything to find out about your case or you can write to the minister directly, see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/minister/index.asp
  5. Well thanks for the reply again Leon
    I talked to my mla, he said i should get a response from him in 3 weeks,I hope it well be a good response
    all i can say is i miss my wife and I hope for the best
  6. best thing u can do take ur wife to any other country for a trip give a wedding party and make alot photos etc and u both write a letter how relationship started and relationship growth and what if visa turn down how u felt it.

    include the letters from family and friends that relationship is geniun and ur bank statements raised them up if u have got ur own house then would be good make a offical affidavit from lawyer as well apply im sure they will.

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