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Wife Pregnant-No Health Insurance-Options

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by jusj, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hello Friends;

    I am in India with my wife and was previously working in Canada(I still hold a TRV).
    I had applied for residency(CEC) and just now recived the Passport Request(Ready for Visa Email).My wife doesnt have a Visa to Canada,as hers expired.

    My wife is 5 months pregnant.So I will be travelling to Canada with her passport(with her authorizzation letter) and submitting both ours for stamping.
    Then return back to India and bring my wife with me and do the landing.

    My Questions:

    1. As I mentioned my wife is pregnant,I understand that we will not recieve our medical coverage for 3 months .So we might have to pay ourselves for her delivery and I undertsand it can be up to 12000 CDN.
    Also heard that some provinces give health coverage on landing itself.Can you advise on our best options as at this moment 12,000CDN is too much money that I dont have.What are our options,please advise

    2.Can I land in any province?

    Thanking You
  2. Having applied through CEC, you can land in any province. I would suggest AB as a good place to land. Friendly people, loads of jobs. The provinces that have a waiting period are Ontario and BC so those two you want to avoid.
  3. Thank You Leon........I will land in Alberta.......
  4. Note that if you do land in Alberta and use health care there, you need to stay for awhile afterwards (I hear up to 6 months is fine). If you just leave to another province right after your get your treatment, the province will suspect you came there simply to take advantage of the immediate health care and bill you.
  5. Yes, this is a possibility. In order to be eligible for health care in most provinces, you must live there at least 6 months a year. If you leave before 6 months, a province could theoretically decide that you were never eligible for their health care in the first place, cancel it retroactively and send you a bill.

    I have never head about AB health doing this though but I have heard of a case from BC. I have no idea if it would hold up in court if it came to that but the province has deeper pockets than you and more time so if it happens, it would in any case be a big hassle.
  6. Thank You Friends.Yes We do intend to settle down in Alberta(Edmonton) permanently.Am a mechanical Engr and wife a software professional.As far as I understand there are lots of jobs for mechanical engrs.Regarding software I dont know.

    Thank You Guys....You have been wonderful.

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