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Wife is a US citizen but husband is being deported from US

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Changjk, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Hi just curious to know a few things. My wife is a US citizen and I am currently in removal proceedings from the US because my dad’s lawyer 10 years ago did not update his work permit. I married my girlfriend back in 2018 but immigration called us in and told me to depart the US by the end of the year. I have no criminal records, no dui, absolutely nothing on my records. Will My wife and I be able to enter Canada and start a new life and gain permanent residency there?
  2. If you wish to move to Canada, you will need to qualify and apply through an economic immigration program based on your level of education, age, work experience, language abilities, funds to establish yourselves in Canada and other factors. You can't simply come to Canada and live here. You need to qualify, apply and be accepted. If you have to leave by the end of the year, you are extremely short on time and it's extremely unlikely that you would be approved for permanent residency that quick.

    As a first step, you'll need to research Canada's immigration progrms to see what it takes to qualify and apply. I would recommend that you start with the Express Entry immigration program. This is a points-based program and right now you need in the range of 450-460 points to be selected out of the applicant pool. More info below:


    Since you are out of status in the US, you should forget about applying for any sort of temporary visa to Canada (e.g. visitor visa, study permit, work permit). All of these will be refused due to your immigration history in the US. Focus on qualifying and applying to immigrate. As long as you are honest about your US immigration history it won't be a barrier to being approved.
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