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Widower with kid no marrage certificate...??


Sep 26, 2019
Dear All member of group,

I have been marriage in 2000 in temple. after 1 yr I have blessed with kid. unfortunately my wife got accidental death. today in 2019 my PR application looking for my marriage certificate. I don't have any marriage certificate at this time. Its impossible to register now as both person must be present in front of magistrate. I have death certificate of my wife and birth certificate of my son clearly mention my name as husband and father respectively. Currently I have widower status.so, its clear no other marriages after that.
Could you please help what I need to submit IMM5690...section 13 and 14 as a copies of documents.

Moreover, sec13--says...Identity and civil status documents
sec 14 says...children's information

Your expert help would be more than blessing for me.
Thanks in advance.
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