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Why people should Immigrate to Toronto and Ontario

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by BCguy, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. I am proud of my province and encourage people to immigrate here,But I am not a hater of Toronto and Ontario,They are a nice city and a province populated by nice friendly people who USED to be rich,During the times they were a "have"province,They sent money to the poorer provinces.But now that they are in a deficit,Unemployment crisis and in a "have not"status meaning to say they need federal money to pay their bills.So tens of thousands of their population have fled to BC and Alberta looking for work,But they have to be replaced,They need people to clean their streets,fry burgers,serve donuts and keep the province going,Thats why you should consider moving there if you want to try life in a big diverse city.I love Toronto,I only love Vancouver more
  2. yea i agree,vancouver is still "new" and "unused" i like it more and i really wish to live there when i go to canada
    but i am only worried about the security issue, now ive lived in caracas-venezuela,and i still go every month or two,so i think ill manage in vancouver since caracas is one of the most dangerous city in the world and i didnt have any single problem.
    Bc, i wana start a family with my wife there,is it family friendly? can my kids grow safely there?
  3. Gregor Robertson the mayor of Vancouver bikes to work everyday without an Aide or escort with him,His kids take transit to go to school,Jason Kenney the Federal Minister of immigration takes cabs here with only an aide as company.Richard Li.The son of Li Kai Shing worth billions of dollars walks around downtown without a body guard,Gordon Campbell Premier of British Columbia has 1 police escort,Security guards are not allowed to carry guns,What Security issue??????
  4. Most cities in Canada are fairly safe. Some neighbourhoods might be a bit risky though. When looking for apartments, talk to the neighbours and stop by the nearest gas station and convenience store and ask them if they get robbed a lot. I know a guy who got gay bashed in Vancouver but knowing him, he was probably pissing somebody off. Here in Edmonton (aka Stabmonton) most people just get robbed (in the bad areas). In most cities you will find that there are a lot of prostitutes, bums, beggars etc. but they mostly leave you alone if you are just going about your business and you will not see them too much if you are not hanging out in their neighbourhoods.
  5. very well, iam convinced:p

    thx alot guys
  6. It's like any big city, there is bad areas and good areas, simply identified the bad areas and don;t go over there and you'll be fine.

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