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why CIC Freeze FSW Application till 2013

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Zee.One, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Why they have done that? Just in response to loosing MI1 case.
    I dont see any chance to resume FSW.
    Simple common reason if BackLog application is the reason then how can we expect to clear in 6months?
    I think they have decided to tighten up the streaming.

    Breaking: Temporary Moratorium on Some New Immigration ApplicationsThursday, 28 June 2012 Category Other topics Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printShare on redditShare on stumbleuponShare on favoritesShare on gmailMore Sharing Services Effective July 1, 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will temporarily cease accepting new applications to the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and Immigrant Investor programs.
    This temporary moratorium on new applications has been enacted so that the government can efficiently process applications already in queue. Candidates with offers of arranged employment, as well as those applying under the PhD stream, are still welcome to apply to the FSW program.

    “We have been making lots of changes to our economic immigration system,” said Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. “We will take the next six months to do a lot of the heavy lifting to get us closer to a fast and flexible immigration system.”

    Intake of new applications is expected to resume in January 2013, when additional proposed FSW changes are expected to become effective. Minister Kenney added that “the pause has no impact on the number of workers Canada admits into the country, as CIC continues to process applications already received. Current immigration remains at historically high levels”.
  2. Correct, it would not start again in the near possible time. Canada is looking to bring in people with assured jobs( start paying tax immediately, with little social benifits ), students ( who pay large amount as fee and in return get no social benifits)and now no more FSW from hereon. In they fail in their new plan then they will start FSW again. So the decision to stop FSW is more of a economical step.
  3. Best logical answer but what the effect will be, on our applications
  4. Not a Big economist But here is a simple answer-
    The economy got a boost and boom from FSW as much as they could. But the current job market cannot sustain more immigrants who are processed but very difficult to get job, therefore, I am pretty sure that they wont open FSW now.
    Planning is to create a stable rising economy, rather a boom in economy which is very risky.
    summary-------> Australia Immigration is the solution.. 8)
  5. In a normal cource it should not impact the applications under process but in the past it had been noticed that the visa offices are also following some hidden instructions. One way to see is that the applicants falling under NOC 's which were taken out of the occupations in demand got refusal on very illogical grounds, If Canada is not interested in FSW's it means that the applicants under process are also unwanted and some of them can get axed on frivolous grounds.
  6. Does this apply to applicants at any stage of processing??
  7. Yes
  8. Yes but EXCEPT those who have been already issued instructions to undergo meds.
  9. It should not effect an applicant like you who had already completed medicals and it is sent to VO
  10. What is the source of this information :eek:, because the KJ said they will continue to process the applications they ave received.
  11. Ofcourse existing cases will be "processed" - but I think explorer is trying to point out that - CIC will slow down processing on lanes which are not highly sought at the moment. For example, Accounts will get faster response from the CIC team instead of doctors (this is just an assumption though).
  12. you are correct
  13. FAQ


    Changes to federal skilled worker programs as of July 1, 2012
    Why are you putting a temporary pause on Federal Skilled Worker applications?
    Why are you putting a temporary pause on Federal Skilled Worker applications?
    CIC is implementing a temporary pause in order to draw down the FSWP inventory, helping to clear way for the introduction of a new application management system to support our “just in time” vision of immigration. The temporary will also enable the Department to concentrate efforts on bringing in an improved FSWP to select skilled workers who will be better positioned to succeed in the Canadian economy.
    Application intake will likely be re-opened to coincide with the launch of the revised FSWP selection criteria and new Federal Skilled Trades Program. The proposed regulatory amendments will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette in the coming months and are expected to take effect by early 2013.
    It is important to note that this temporary pause on new FSWP applications does not apply to candidates with qualifying offers of arranged employment or to those applying under the PhD eligibility stream.
    Will CIC continue to process existing Federal Skilled Worker applications in the inventory?
    Will CIC continue to process existing Federal Skilled Worker applications in the inventory?
    Yes, CIC will continue processing eligible Federal Skilled Worker applications received to date.
    What sort of changes can we expect in the new FSWP grid?
    What sort of changes can we expect in the new FSWP grid?
    Based on the FSWP program evaluation and stakeholder and online consultations in spring 2011, the FSW selection criteria will be modernized, with an updated distribution of points on the grid. The proposed changes are intended to better select skilled immigrants who will be able to contribute to the Canadian economy.
    Proposed changes include:
    • introducing minimum official language thresholds and increasing points for language;
    • making changes to the assessment of education points to reflect a foreign educational credential's value in Canada;
    • redistributing points for age to benefit younger immigrants who will be active members of the workforce for a longer timeframe;
    • reducing points for foreign work experience and increasing points for Canadian work experience;
    • increasing the integrity of and simplifying the process for the Arranged Employment factor; and
    • facilitating the immigration of skilled tradespersons by establishing a separate Federal Skilled Trades program using selection criteria that are more specific to those in the skilled trades.
    When will the revised FSWP be in place?
    When will the revised FSWP be in place?
    The full regulatory changes proposed to the Federal Skilled Worker selection criteria, the new Federal Skilled Trades class and the Canadian Experience class changes will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette in the coming months. Final publication is expected before the end of the year, with the new requirements taking effect in early 2013. The Department also expects to issue an updated occupation list at that time.

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