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Who made recall clearance letter for his imported car as PR to cross the border

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by dentistusa, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Hello guys...

    I am just confused and need some help and information please..

    i am planning to cross the border from US to Canada next week as a permanent resident by my car.
    and one of the requirements is the recall clearance letter fro this car.

    i went to dealership and he put the VIN # of my car and he said that there was a recall fro this car before with the first owner.

    So does the border just need this letter regardless if the car has previous recall or not? or the car must be clear of any recalls?

    i am confused and i don't want to reach the border then they will not let me cross by my car!!
    it will be really a big problem.

    So whoever did this before or has any information please let me know how was the process and what should i do?

    thanks in advance for your cooperation.
  2. mmm this is a tricky one.

    Im also researching about how to export/import my car from the us to canada. I think what they want to know and what you should have with you is proof that you car is safe and if any recalls where issued to your car the recall work was carried out. if most cases, no recall was ever made to that car model so a letter or print out from the maker stating no recalls for this model should do it. now I think I read if recalls were issued you have to show the proof that the recall work was performed in your car.

    Can you get the dealership to inspect your car regarding this recall and give you some documentation confirming the work was carried out? I think that would be the only think you can do.

    I also have a question on this topic:

    After you cross the border into canada, and you have imported your car, how long can you drive your car in canada with normal US licence plates and insurance??? My question how long do you have until you have to register the car in the province you live in after you imported?
  3. Thank you for ur help.

    so that means i need to spend more money and give my car to the dealer to do the recall and report that its done.
  4. Is there anyone has information and experience with this letter?
  5. Hi

    The information you require is at www.riv.ca It even gives the phone no. for the recall letter for each manufacturer.


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