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Which province to move

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Huntsgale, May 18, 2019.

  1. Dear all members,
    I need your valuable advice please. My wife who’s British citizen recently approved a open work permit (IEC). She’s got post graduation from UK, also she’s got five years experience in administration. Which province she should go to settle down. Quite easy for the new comers to get pr in Canada.
    Please help us out. As we couldn’t find much information like what sort of job she’d do there to get pnp or which province is more easy to get done all the process smoothly.
    I shall be very grateful for your valuable recommendation
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    Maybe be a bit more specific exactly on defining what you mean by administration as that is too general without stating current actual work experience. There is no such thing as an easy province to get PR as each one has challenges and on an IEC getting a job can be a challenge wherever someone decides to land especially in a general admin category hence need to clarify area of admin expertise for more feedback.

    As per other posts there is no real provision for dependants to accompany an IEC participant as part of the application , they have to qualify themselves to accompany so still need to keep that in mind.As per your other posts you may still need to overcome the various reasons for previous visa rejections given having spouse on an IEC is no guarantee of success.

    Suggest though if not already you at least complete a speculative exercise on seeing how many points she might get based on various assumptions at 12-18 months into IEC with work experience / job etc,.. so you are not disappointed later.
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  3. Thank you for your reply..
    She’s been working as a assistant admin in construction company. Job duties as casual office work like print out the info’s, responds to all the inquiries etc. Nothing special.
    Also I know there’s low chance of success but with professional guide least she can try. I always have found really helpful advice from this page.

    I’m aware of there’s no such thing as easy province to get PR, but some provinces have bit soft rules to obtain pnp than other provinces. Like Ontario they require more skilled or professional immigrants also job experience least two years to get PNP.

    She’s don’t have any special or professional skills. Based on her circumstances is there any province that she can move and start from there.

    I don’t have much knowledge about Canada immigration or provinces rules.
    If I’m not wrong I’ve read on the internet that Saskatchewan requires people from hospitality, food and beverage sector. Is something she can try into this. As she’s got PGD in Hospitality & Tourism.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong or suggest that if there’s any other province I can read out their requirements.
  4. Have you looked at whether she will have the points to come close to applying to PR? It is almost impossible to get 1 year of full-time work experience while on a 1 year IEC. Is she trying to bring your child with her as a visitor? How will she pay for childcare? The child will also not have medical coverage in many provinces. IEC applicants must provide their own health insurance until they qualify for a provincial plan which is sometimes not possible. What if you never get permission to accompany her? Even if you do she would need a skilled job first and the application process is numerous months. Still confused as to why you are not focusing on qualifying to remain in the UK. Given your details that seems easier.
  5. Why not try Express Entry, the IEC is valid for 2 years right?
    So with the years of experience she has before and with minimum of a year working in Canada, she could get PR without PNP.
  6. Duration of IEC varies by country.
  7. Yes, I know that.
    British citizens get IEC's valid for 2 years.

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