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Which Province IS Best/Easiest


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Jul 11, 2007
Is there one Province that is easier to get into due to more choices? This may be a dumb post but I am just getting going here so please accept my apology if it is.


Jul 24, 2007
I doubt there is a one size fit all answer - all depends on your own particular history/education/
French knowledge etc. etc. Best to research all the different requirements from each province and match your own qualifications against them.
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Peter C

Sep 24, 2007
Hello chum Peter C here, though a newbie myself I rather think no one Province is harder than others what i would suggest [ if you have not already done so } is to spend a few days [ or weeks takes TIME unfortunately } & examine each Province by turn

Also do you have any hobbies \ interests that you could use as a base to link up with like minded people in whatever province you choose

This is what I'm trying to do though I have to use a borrowed public computer [ free of charge thank god for a generous friend } & I'm having trouble with Microsoft Office Version 6 when I have tried to contact some groups this damn Office 6 wants me to configure the computer as I cant \ dont know how I cannot e-mail them
Anyway for what it is worth there are my thoughts, say have a look at my post & let me know what you think, bye for now Peter C


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Feb 1, 2006
Our move to Canada from the US was to PEI but it's not for everyone. My family was originally from there so I have an "Island name," and although that sounds a little odd it makes a difference. People see the last name and often make the assumption we're not from away. The attitudes of a tiny, largely rural and small town province make it a little more difficult socially and employmentwise. The other thing to consider about the Island is that although it's beautiful and my favourite place on earth, the job market is very limited.