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Which post grad diploma of 2 years is good and in demand ?

Nupur Mate

Jan 6, 2020
Hello everyone,
I've completed my graduation in BBA (IB) and planning to do post grad in canada. I haven't given GMAT or GRE but planning for IELTS soon. I researched alot and came to know that post grad in GBM doesn't have much of a value. So please suggest me a good course which is in demand and would help me in getting job easily. Also humber and centennial colleges don't have a good reputation as i read here so suggest me some good top colleges also.

Thankyou in advance :)


VIP Member
Mar 22, 2016
To be honest based on various other postings many people seem to use GBM or a PM course simply as a means to an end to get a PGWP followed by PR. Not really sure it will really go that far in improving chances of a job one way or the other than any other course.

As for reviews of colleges you will always get people giving negative/positive reviews in same fashion as for example Trip Advisor whereas reality often different and only based on an individual experience. You have to ask if these colleges were so bad why do they still have thousands of students but not thousands of bad reviews.

There are no guarantees as far as securing a job no matter which course or college you chose although generally same as in any country some are always in demand than others , IT for example.
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