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Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Lolo12, May 28, 2016.

  1. I wanna know which one is better to live for single family MILTON or WATERLOO??? Which town has good schools, malls, parks etc??
  2. I haven't been to Ontario at all, but I don't think there is a real answer to that question.

    It all depends on personal views. I have friends who do not like the area I live in at all and some think it's okay. I think you'll have to figure it out by yourself.

    I'm pretty sure that both Milton and Waterloo have good Schools and Parks and nice places for families.

    Good luck!
  3. Waterloo is a smaller town with a thriving economy. Milton is a distant suburb of Toronto where people are moving because housing is cheaper than other GTA suburbs. It really depends on what sort of job you'll be seeking, where you'll be working, whether you prefer a small town vs. being part of a larger city, etc. Waterloo is less cosmopolitan, but has a rich history, plenty of character and more open areas and parks. Milton is rapidly becoming developed, but doesn't really have any character or history (like most new suburbs).

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