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Which month is advisable to land in Edmonton Alberta?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by liempo, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone, im a newbie in this forum and i would like to ask some advice ..I hope you could help me guys.

    My husband and I just got PR visas stamped under FSW category migrating to Edmonton Alberta this coming august 2010. Our visas will get expire on February 2011..both of us are 30yrs old, we got a good job in the middle east..my husband is now working as an engineer and im in the field of HR...we can consider ourselves just a middle class earner in the gulf..I know that if both of us will migrate to edmonton, there's no assurance that we could get a job easily...

    We would like to land together if possible and no plans to return back in the middle east. however do you think it's practical to do it? or shall i land first as i'm the principal applicant then my husband will come on later after i got a good job (related with my work experience) in edmonton???and do you think the month of August is easy to get a job there??

    please advise as i am really confused at this time..
  2. first both of you visit for a month or sometime to find the job position.it may be diffcuilt to get the same level of job in canada.i know about middle east and the pay package is high and tax free compare to canada.dont confuse ,just land there for sometime then decide.
  3. Dear friend,
    I am not sure about the job situation there. But your husband can land later, because you are the principal applicant. But he should land before the date of expiry of visa.
  4. thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate your comments... I've decided to land first by next month or June, then hopefully could have a good job there so no need for me to return back in UAE... :)

  5. Hi Jeby,

    Have you landed already to Canada?..

  6. No friend, planning to land in July/ August
  7. July/ Aug should be an ok perod, not too cold yet but cool enough to land! have a great landing!
  8. I wish you goodluck jeby!

  9. Ok,.thanks for the advice, right now im starting to pack-up our things, then later revise our CV's and try to look for a job online. If any employer will contact any one of us, then we'll land at earliest otherwise we will land to the month that you advised.

    How about the winter clothes in Edmonton? Is it expensive or cheap? Im still undecided if i will buy our winter clothes here in UAE coz it's very cheap actually.. ;D

    Hope you reply guys!!thanks....
  10. Hi liempo,
    My case is similar to you. I am also in UAE and working as engineer. I have got visa and i am landing - mid june in Edmonton. Only difference is I visited Alberta last year when my daughter born. Its nice place to live but you may face some hardship if you dont already have family there. My in-laws are from Canada. You have mentioned your husband is an engineer also. In this case let me clarify you some things here. First, you have not mentioned if your husband is working in oil and gas sector. If that is the case he might have bright opprtunities down the line. But unfortunately, engineering is a regulated proffession in Canada. Your husband will have to pass some regulatory exams and apply for his education varified. I have gathered some information regarding what you need to do if you are an engineer. If interested drop me a mail on amitjash at yahoo dot com . I will send you whatever information i have ready at my reach.
  11. yes, indeed, an engineer in Canada has to be qualified and verified and certified to the Canadian standard in order to qualify as an engineer and then be able to find employment once u are certified or if u qualify to the same standard as those in Canada.

    True indeed, if u are a petroleum or oil or chemical engineer then u have plenty of choices in the industry, otherwise, engineering jobs may need sometime to find as well.

    First, u would have to get yr degrees certified by a local certification body and then u may be able to qualify in the engineering board and then u can be qualifed in the engineering field in canada and then find an engineering job.
  12. Guys,

    Ne one here from banking sector in edmonton. I want to know what kinda of job opportunties are available in Edmonton on banking front here. I am in retail loans sector in india mostly mortgages i am looking at similar jobs in edmonton pl guide.

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