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Which Mobile plan?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by coolbreeze, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Just came to vancouver with a PR status from India. I already have a samsung phone that will work in canada. I had pre-paid air-tel service in India which seems to be sending me messages via Roger wireless even in canada.

    Just want to know
    which plan ( without a phone) to get and from who? Prepaid or post paid? I heard postpaid is a lot cheaper but can't get it without a job.
    I do not have a job yet. I want unlimited calling. Do not care about texts or internet.

  2. Get WIND if you can. I just got here also, tried to get WIND but my S4 was not compatible with the frequence of 4G WIND uses, a bit weird. They have a no contract $30 a months, includes data. I ended up with FIDO instead, similar price but limit on data and calling (enough for me)

    Stay away from Rogers, TELUS, Bell and the old companies. Back in the days these were the only ones operating in Canada, so they just were just piling up cash with their massively overpriced plans. These days they still charge way above global standards, but will try to make you believe that you pay for quality. They will go down the same route as blackberry in 1-3 years i think.
  3. Alternatively, visit Richmond Center, they all have stores or booths there, you can check and compare,
  4. Thanx this is informative...
  5. Very informative...
  6. When I first came to Canada this was true, now look at Verizon and AT&T plans, and you'll notice the US prices are the same, if not more.

    The top carriers in both countries push you to infinite voice+text+high data share plans.

    I used to have WIND, and even in the middle of Toronto the reception was awful, calls dropped often, it reminded me of the ridiculously spotty urban-exclusive (with shameful reception in their exclusive areas) mediocre services of Metro PCS in the USA.

    The Big 3 are fine, but the best way to take advantage is become a customer during periods of intense competition, like during Christmas, where they reduce prices of phones and plans, and double data allotment. There really isn't much difference between pricing of the Big 3, so doesn't really matter which one picks otherwise. Services like WIND are terrible though, and the subsidiaries of the Big 3 like Koodo or Fido are effectively the same as the Big 3.
  7. Even if people are saying stay away from Bell, it still has 95% of coverage in Canada and owing device you can get a monthly plan as low as $35 a month with unlimited calling & texting + caller id and voice mail (no data though, but can use free wifi unlimited) - and sure no commitments and terms, you can leave any time, just call and cancel.
  8. thanks everyone. In the end I decided on Rogers. Referred by a friend who was a corporate subscriber, they gave me a $10 monthly discount that will take effect after 90 days. So, it is going to be $35 per month for the first 90 days and then $25 /month . unlimited calling + text within canada. I think I am happy with this.
  9. My wife decided on Fido. Referred by her sister who is also fido customer.
    Took Google Nexus 5 @ $ 150 from Fido
    They offered $ 25 incentive to her and her sister which will be adjusted in first bill.
    $39 per month plan

  10. Hi,
    I love this plan , how can I get it too please ?
  11. That really depends on your needs. If you travel a lot, check fees with different plans when your are outside the city.

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