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Which locality to stay in toronto during job search?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by me2canada, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Hi All Could you please suggest which localities in Toronto I should be considering during my job hunt. I am a financial analyst into financial reporting work. I would be staying in weekly or monthly rental till i find job.

    I think budget is about 900-1000$. Budget is not really important as long as I stay at a place safe for girls and from where it is easy to commute for my job hunt.
    I dont have much idea about the localities in Toronto and dont know anyone much there. I did try looking at the map and searching where financial jobs are concentrated. But I feel so lost. For example, I thought of staying in safehomestay (allenbury or lockmere)and was seeing the travel time from there to bay street. It shows 18 hrs. I know I was stupid. That when I realised I should better ask and know. Please help.
  2. Financial jobs are concentrated in the downtown financial district (King & Bay) where all of Canada's big banks have their headquarters.

    I have no experience with safehomestay. However it looks like both locations are close to subway stations. If that's true, it shouldn't take you more than 45 minutes to get downtown by public transit (TTC) once you reach the subway station.
  3. go to airbnb.ca, look for rooms which are rented out by females, will have "females only" or "females prefered" written in advert., search for downtown toronto as location if you want to stay in centre of toronto
  4. Wow. Thanks . U guys are great . +1 to u both ( I l do that in sometime).
    I really was feeling lost.

    So downtown is the area fr job hunt in my case.
    I definitely try the links u told.

    I l find out more about subway stations near bay street and see which places are easily connected to find out a place to stay.

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