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Which Business Visa Immigration to chose from?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by AvizSiv, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Dear Friends,

    It is great to find various individuals ready to assist others in this valuable forum.

    I am currently planning myself to relocate to Canada with my wife, and 2 kids (2.5 years old and 1 year old), having lived my self whole my life in Middle East (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai).

    I have been running my business, as well self-employed.

    Could someone please guide me which Visa Program i should go for. I understand there are various options, such as:-
    Self Employed Visa
    Investor Visa
    Entrepeneur Visa

    Quebec Investor Program, which i believe need to deposit 800,000 CAD ?

    Please suggest and direct me to the right path, so i can begin the process as well myself.

    Could we fill the application ownself by visiting the Canadian Immigration Website, or have to appoint/hire Immigration Lawyer ?

    Thanks for your support!
  2. You can apply on your own - you don't need a lawyer or consultant.

    Detailed information about Canada's immigration programs and instructions on how to apply can be found here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/apply.asp

  3. Thanks Scylla, you are kind.
    Will go over the website.

    Could you give me an idea as to which program i should apply in, that would hopefully give further more chances in availing the Resident Permit.
  4. some people can apply without a consultant or lawyer. Sounds like you need one as you have many questions.
  5. The three programs are quite different in requirements as well as time frame. I would rank them as follows:

    1. "Self employed" refers to professions such as athletes, actors, artists ... do you qualify as one of those? If such, this is the least requiring type of visa and processing could be done in 1-2 years

    2. Entrepreneur (Quebec) as well as Business Nominee; for Quebec, unless you speak French, chances are slim because they only provide a quota of 50 applications to non-french speakers. Provincial Business Nominee; Saskatchewan and Manitoba are good programs to check. Takes about 1-2 years from time you receive and LAA

    3. Investor; assuming you are willing to put up that much cash aside for 5 years is a good program. However; it is not the fastest route ... takes about 5 years to process.
  6. FYI - Federal Investor program stopped taking new applications in 2014.
  7. Hi

    1. The Federal Processing time for Self Employed is 56 months, which closer to 5 years, rather than 1 or 2.

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