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where to have fingerprints taken for FBI clearance in Saudi Arabia??

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by daak, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I need to have my fingerprints taken for the FBI clearance as i lived in USA for some time in past. I am now living in Saudi Arabia. They do fingerprinting for expatriates for their records in Saudi Arabia but they don't want to help me take my prints on the FBI fingerprint cards saying that they are not authorized. How do I get my prints taken for this purpose in Hofuf (Al Ahsa), Saudi Arabia??? Can someone help me???? Its urgent, please help!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Brother.....I don't know about it but tried to search the net ....Just trying to help....I think you might have already checked it but still ....i found on FBI's website....


    They have a fingerprint card online as well


    Recording information:


    Along with that i found some information on another forum as well....there is a police station in jeddah which can help you
    here are the posts which explains this...you can check the information on the link below...for your convenience i am pasting the information as well


    (to nelsaid:

    Television st is after Balad, just behind Islamic bank. If you any difficulties call me on 0500151113 during the week.
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    Posted by nelsaid (4) 28 Mar 2010
    to Nvkrishna68:

    Really thank you very much, I made it to the station where you described and they took my fingerprints for the form !! Although, when I used the downloaded FBI form, they said they only accept an original fingerprint card , but they did it for me anyway..
    Thank you once again, I really appreciate your help & guidance, good luck on your immigration process )

  3. Hope that helped a bit....You can also look for a finger print technician who can help you as well....if you would have been in india or could have come to india i would have recommended a company which would have helped you....anyways brother..hope you will find your information ASAP....God bless
  4. Thanks a lot Gav. I had already searched the net and downloaded those forms and info thinking that i would take my own prints myself but my lawyer doesn't want me to take my prints myself. She suggest a trained person should be the one to do this job. Local police say they are not authorized for it. I also requested US consulate and Canadian consulate, waiting for their reply. I also noted this other forums discussion that you pasted but Jeddah is very very far from my place. I live on the east coast while Jeddah is west coast of Saudi Arabia. Thanks once again.
  5. Most welcome brother...Hope you find the information ASAP....Will see if i could find this information....I have worked in the middle east for some time and have some friends...see if they are of any help...god bless

  6. Thanks once again Gav. I hope your friends come up with something and look forward to hearing from you.
  7. dear Daak,

    I'm searching for this since a long time, but no success yet,
    can you share with me what have you done with the cards?
    I appreciate your reply

    best regards,
  8. Hello Daak I read your post. Though it is little old, but can you tell me how did you go about getting the prints. I am based out of Riyadh and lived in US from 1996 to 2001 and do not remember my Social Secutity Number. I have been recently issued US visa and the application for US B2 visa went throught the whole clearance process. Having given you my brief background would appreciate if you can share your experience.

  9. hello,

    does anyone know from where can i get my fingerprints done for fd-258 in riyadh KSA. also can I print out the form on A4 paper?

    my number 0551431754

    thank you

  10. hello,

    do you know any place for fingerrpinting in riyadh KSA?

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