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Where are Fingerprint services in India?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by baigmirza490, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. I am gonna apply for PCC from USA (FBI). I am currently in India. Where can I get my fingerprints done in India?
  2. Print FBI form on thick sheets.. 100 GSM or more.. Print a few extra

    Go to local Police crime branch.. Talk to cops about your finger print requirement..

    Usually they take a bribe and do it.. Few thousands should do,...

    Courier to USA costs 3500.. USA FBI fee is around 20 USD... It takes 4 months
  3. Mani, have u got Nomination?
  4. Is there any agency which does fingerprints in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai?
  5. where are you located? if you are in Chennai then it is really easy to get the finger print done.
    The private agency is charging around 50,000 rupees for this service but from TamilNadu Police Department it is only Rs.50 per copy of fingerprint.
    I did not pay a single penny as bribe
  6. I live in Hyderabad. Where can I get it done at minimal cost?
  7. I recommend you to approach forensic department in the police headquarters.
    Police Department, Govt of Andhra Pradesh.

    Red Hills, Hyderabad -500004, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

    Phone: 91-402-330-7138,
    Fax : 91-402-339-4449.

    Email: directorapfsl@yahoo.co.in
    the above address I got from google. hope they charge you less.
    If you like to do that in Chennai, Then I will guide to do.
  8. Thanks for replying. Can you tell me if I need to take appointment or go directly? And which department/floor etc..?
  9. you can just walk-in and ask for the fingerprint service, usually, they issue a bank Challan, the payment to be made in the treasury bank.then bring back the counterfoil to the department.Then you are good to go.
    Fingerprint card can be download from FBI website.
  10. Have you got the plc from he USA or are you still in process? also have you used services of any channeller for the same?
  11. Just do it yourself. Buy an inkless pad, practise a few times and send it to them. Me and my wife did it ourselves
  12. Hello navinball

    Where did you get the card from? Printed by yourself? What material did you print it on? Like regular paper or sm other material?

    I am also planning to take multiple fingerprints and send to FBI, probably one would be acceptable. Just need the right cards
  13. Just regular A4 paper
  14. did you cut it as per the size specifications

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