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when and what cause PR status can be cancel by CIC

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Hamid khan, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. when and what cause PR status can be cancel by CIC

    any kind of link will be highly appreciated
  2. "Losing your permanent resident status

    Losing your permanent resident status does not happen automatically. You cannot lose your permanent resident status simply by living outside of Canada long enough that you don’t meet the residency requirement. Unless you have gone through an official process, you have not lost or given up your permanent resident status, even though you may not be eligible to return to Canada as a permanent resident.

    You may lose your permanent resident status if:

    * an adjudicator determines that you are no longer a permanent resident following an inquiry; or
    * a visa officer determines you do not meet the required residency when you apply for a permanent resident travel document or temporary resident travel document.

    You may lose your permanent resident status in one of the ways described above if:

    * you do not live in Canada for two out of five years;
    * you are convicted of a serious crime and told to leave Canada; or
    * you become a Canadian citizen.

    You do not lose your permanent resident status if your PR card expires."

  3. In addition . . .

    For PRs who acquired PR status as a refugee:

    Permanent Residents who acquired PR status as refugees may also lose PR status if it is determined that they are no longer in need of protection under specified grounds, such as a PR having re-availed himself of home country's protection ; there is a risk of this if the PR obtains a passport from home country, and the risk is dramatically elevated if the PR both obtained home country passport and traveled to home country.

    This is the one automatic termination of PR status. The procedure to terminate refugee status does not address the PR's status as a PR, just whether refugee status is lost. If refugee status is lost, PR status is automatically terminated.
  4. If any body complain example: just because of jelause or wants to put into trouble just for nathing
    In that case PR status can be cancel ?
  5. As long as there is no truth behind the complaint - there won't be a problem.

    However if the person somehow obtain PR through fraud (e.g. fraudulent documents or experience), someone complains, and CIC investigates and determines the allegations to be true - then yes, that person could certainly lose PR.

  6. Ok I got your point
    As long as it is not true complian
    There is no problem :

    One more question : how do I will know some one did complian against me
    From ECAS
    Or call to Cic to know
    Or apply GCMS notes
    Or apply any other notes

    Please advise
  7. Unless you're willing to write what is going on, and why you suspect someone has complained against you, any advice you get here is going to be so vague as to be nearly useless.
  8. To be honest just to know

    Bcz after long time hard working I got PR
    So that's why any small issue comes to bigger in my mind .
  9. There are basically three ways most people would lose PR status (except for refugees, as mentioned earlier):

    1) Immigration fraud. If you lied on your application, and it would have kept you from getting PR, you can lose it.
    2) Serious Criminality. If you commit a crime that could be punished by 10 years imprisonment, you lose PR.
    3) Residency obligation. If you don't live 730 days out of every 5 years in Canada, and don't have an appropriate justification, you can lose PR.
  10. What if the person who received the PR applied through family sponsorship and lied on the application that they were not working while they were actually working illegally. Also their sponsor reported them as being in a fraudulent marriage with examples that prove the point. Would that be enough grounds to revoke PR status?
  11. Potentially but it's completely up to CBSA and IRCC what action would be taken.

  12. Let’s say they canceled your PR bcz they found out that you have a child and you didn’t include in the application. Is there still a chance that they will consider you again once you submit the child’s information and explain to them?
  13. Whether a former PR can apply again for PR depends on the particular determination made in adjudicating termination of PR status. You appear to be referring to the loss of PR status for inadmissibility on the grounds of misrepresentation, for which not only would that result in not being eligible for PR again for a period of time, it will result in a ban from Canada altogether for a period of years. When the ban period is over, if eligible for PR the individual can apply again, but of course the previous finding of misrepresentation can have a negative impact on how that goes.

    That said, the situation you describe does NOT always result in inadmissibility proceedings against the PR. The PR may not be able to ever sponsor the child, but IRCC might not pursue a misrepresentation claim that would result in inadmissibility and loss of status. That is, if IRCC has not already taken action to revoke PR status, the individual may be allowed to remain a PR . . . but there is very little if any chance the child can be brought to Canada. The government seems to be very strict about this.
  14. For my friend's close relative did a mistake by not including the child(this was 10+ ago he thought he doesnt need to include the child to immigrate his child later). Later cic never allowed him to bring his child hence he moved south with his child later.
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