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When and how to apply for jobs in Canada

Sep 22, 2018
Hello all,

I am currently awaiting ITA, and since the CRS indicates of a score of 460+, i am hopeful that i receive it sooner than later. Have applied under the skilled worker, Express Entry programme

I wanted to know, what is best way to apply for jobs in Canada and when is the best time. I have read that the canada job bank typically has all the listings. could somebody shed some light on it

Secondly, should i wait till i have my visa stamped to start applying for jobs? or do Canadian employers generally entertain applications from candidates who havent received the PR?

Thanks in anticipation

PS: this is my first post on this forum, so do excuse if the information is felt to be incomplete


Mar 25, 2018
Thanks for asking this question which I too had in mind. I have received ITA in the Aug 8th draw and in the process of submitting documents. I'm residing in India now and I'm planning to resign my current job around March 2019 and move to Canada. Say if i apply for a job position in February, I'm not sure if Canadian employers will consider interviewing me while I'm in India. So I'm also trying to get a sense of reality on this. Naturally I'm concerned about resigning the current job without having a job offer ( but at the end I will make up my mind to resign if no other choice :) ).

Some time ago I came across a video log of an Indian immigrant sharing his job search experience. He mentioned that there are virtual mobile number services which can be bought and used in our resume as our contact number and the call will be routed to the India number. But still I think we have to disclose that we are in another country and ready to join in a short notice or something like that.

This is where we need help from fellow immigrants who went through this experience. Appreciate any thoughts on this.


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Aug 1, 2018
You can start looking for jobs even now but it is difficult that anyone would entertain your resume if you don’t have PR yet. Getting a job offer doesn’t accelerate your PR process and hence employers have no interest in offering a job unless a person has PR status already. So wait till you receive your PR and then start applying.

Even after receiving PR it may be difficult to find a job without being physically present in Canada. It may work for certain fields or if you have niche work experience.
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