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What to wear?

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by yellow_jacket, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. I have a citizenship ceremony next week.

    Can I wear dark jeans and a dress shirt? Or do you think it's not nice.
    I just don't have any nice clothes like dress pants. I do have a suite jacket.

    Any thoughts? Thank you
  2. Go buy something nice. You don't wanna ruin it for everyone by wearing casual clothing (jeans) at an important ceremony.
  3. Hi dude

    You should dress the best way you feel. Put on a jacket on the jeans and shirt if you want. I know majority of participants will be wearing suits but if you dont have one, dont bother

  4. They won't give you a hard time because of your attire, as long as you are appropriately dressed.

    Dark jeans and dress shirt is a good combination and sounds like something I would personally wear too. Go for it!
  5. 1. Your TUX? or

    2. Your National Costume -- Canada after all is a country of immigrants and multiculturalism is a fundamental tenet of this nation; or

    3. Anything smart that you are comfortable with -- it is after all a free country

  6. I wore a suit. Something business casual is nice too - even if you wear jeans, a nice dress shirt with a coat will suffice as well!

    Everyone looked nice on my oath day - there were 1-2 ppl in hoodies but everyone else looked very presentable! :)
  7. Dark jeans and a dress shirt is enough, if that´s what you can afford, in any case don´t show up looking like a bum, show some respect for the country and for the occasion, you don´t become a Canadian citizen everyday, a tux would over do it, a suit would be nice, dark jeans and a nice dress shirt would be enough. I attended a ceremony about two years ago, in August, and there were some people even wearing flip-flops, and cargo shorts, however hot it was one should show some respect for the ceremony and dress appropiately

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