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What to do and not do at the Interview

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by micmac101, May 16, 2013.

  1. So you've received a letter to be interviewed don't worry ok it will be ok they cannot take what you have in the first place and be honest and truthful 100%.

    In Canada we have what is called:

    The Charter of Rights and Freedom Act

    http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/Const/page-15.html read this as its important as brushing your teeth.

    #1 Get an Interpreter, I don't care how well you can speak English.

    #2 Get both their names and ID they all have an Employee ID number so ask for paper and your reason is for your notes as you want to remember who you spoke to.

    #3 Be patient and calm as a person can be.

    #4. Body language is very important as they watch for tell tale signs that your nervous or lying.

    #5. Get the question repeated if you don't understand. Not everyone is 100% alert as your pretty nervous ok.

    #6. DO NOT LIE about anything. Keeping the truth is easy, its harder to cover a lie and don't make your self a smart know it all sort of person. Your in their ball game.

    #7 Be honest and tell them names and dates you met, married or names of family members and its ok if you forget small things like names of all family members but don't forget your spouses full name and birthdate or yours.

    #8 Remember what your spouse does for a living I mean a job know what he or she does and that's a fact sometimes they will ask this and some people honestly forget as they are so nervous.

    #9 Keep eye contact and the night before have the best sleep you ever had and shower wear clean clothes. As you have only this one time to make a good Impression.

    #10. DO NOT CHEW GUM!

    #11. Talk with your spouse one on one and discuss everything and know everything about each other and show how you have been keeping your relationship going while you have been so far from each other.

    #12. PRAY TO ALLAH GOD TO MAKE THIS THE BEST DAY IN YOUR LIFE FOR AND INTERVIEW. You were nervous when you got married so your going to be nervous too this day. But above all keep your Faith. As ALLAH, GOD knows better than them and let HIM guide you.

    #13 I had to put 13 some say its bad luck or good luck what ever the case maybe. Make this day the most important day in your whole life time and smile be relaxed and just picture them in their under ware it may put a smile in your face and a laugh in your pocket but they can never take your love away from your husband or wife what ever the case may be.

    I pray that Allah, God helps and blesses everyone in this troublesome time with CHC during an Interview.

    No matter what,

    ( you and you alone can stand and be 100% truthful so all will go well) IN SHA ALLAH...
  2. those are some very good advice to get someone prepared for their interview..... i have to go to a interview in a few months so this will sure help me out
  3. Thank you so much as we can all use some help at any time. I hope and pray Allah hears all our prayers In Sha Allah
  4. I'd seen that you were called twice for Interview... :eek: :eek: :eek: Why it was twice??? it looks weird that some one interviewed two times.

  5. One Interview because it so happened a photo I included from the wedding ceremony or Muslim Marriage in 2010 was of a friend that was on the alert list I guess. I never knew this at first and I had known him since 2006. Him and his cousin taught me Islam in 2006. It was only after I was married about a year that I came to know a bit but I told this person stop because I didn't want to know anything. But it was to late as the photos from the wedding had already been sent. And I was in Pakistan when they called him my husband in June/12 for the first Interview as well for the second in December/12.

    The second was to see if the marriage was Genuine as we have an age difference. But it wasn't a problem at all because of our love for each other and devotion to Islam. I had converted to Islam in 2006 and I was with my husband in Pakistan who took care of me along with his family since Sept,2011.

    The Visa Officer was really kind and gave my husband information how to get fruit & vegetables more cleaner as I was at times getting sick. I also had a huge surgery cause I had a work accident in 2009 I slipped on a wet floor and had torn major Tendons along with chips in the ankle. They Work safe could not find a surgeon to do my surgery. I went online and found a surgeon in Ottawa, Ontario who was a foot & ankle reconstruction surgeon and had the surgery in July 2011. So I had a long time from the day of the injury to the day they did the surgery.

    I'm on total disability since April 2012 which caused a major depression so I came to Pakistan to try to recover from my surgery and my depression.

    After all this we love each other even more as the case maybe because of having such long hardships and staying together no matter what through good times and bad times just like a normal healthy marriage.

    So I have quite a bit of time on my hands and I thought I read so often of couples getting frighten when they are called for an interview so I had decided a little help along the way would help them.

    The most important thing to remember is how you keep contact with each other and daily life well just living each day. As all marriage have its good days and bad, ands its what you do in between to keep it strong, alive and healthy.

    Its not what you are going to do after you get together but its what you do now to make it strong now. Like any marriage as its never a one sided thing.

    I know this is long response but I hope you can understand now why we had 2 interviews. If it helps one person then I'm happy. If my opinion gets to a lot and they keep their promises and devotion to each other then I'm more happier because it takes work to help each other through good times and bad times.

    I thank ALLAH, God as without this it would be harder then what it has been but I hope and pray that this process is over soon In Sha Allah, God Willing. Because I would love to be back in my country Canada as its my native land and I miss my kids and grand children and the rest of family. As they are anxious to see my husband as well for real.

    Another important thing is no matter what Immigration says it doesn't take away anything that both of you have created!

    You don't need their say so to prove your marriage because a marriage is a marriage between your spouse and you and most important is Allah or God and no person can take that away.

    But if you want them to be allowed to come to Canada you have to prove it to them so be honest in all you do!

    So I hope I have answered your question and I hope and pray all goes well for both of you In Sha Allah God Willing

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