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What options does my Wife has with her B.Com & B.Ed?

Discussion in 'Education' started by latestbot, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. My wife has a Bachelors Of Commerce & Bachelors of Education (she will complete her BEd soon) from India & just had a passport request issued under spousal sponsorship.

    Now that she will be here soon, I am wondering what options others have pursued with similar backgrounds?

    I am hoping to get her either in Accounting or Teaching & we will be residing in Ontario.
  2. Living in Ontario assume you have seen the press that there is a surplus of teachers in Ontario with plans to let many go so that option might not be a good idea.
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    Getting licensed as a teacher is very difficult. Ontario teachers require masters degrees. As mentioned there was already a surplus of teachers in many areas except French teacher. Given the recent layoffs the supply lists will get much longer.

    If she wants a job in accounting she should be looking at getting her CPA.
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  4. Yes, I have been reading the news about that. So as for Accounting, what path she should take? I believe we would have to start from the assessment of her degrees.
  5. Will all depend on whether her degree qualifies her for the CPA program if she actually wants to be an accountant and is good at it. There are some very incorrect websites and articles indicating which skills are needed in Canada. One article from a major staffing agency was so it incorrect it was shocking. Find out what kind of jobs are needed by looking at what jobs are being posted and speaking to people currently working in that industry across Canada. There are also lots of regional fluctuations in Canada. Some work experience especially in a large multinational would help. Getting your first job ever based on foreign degrees would be hard.

  6. Yeah I have seen that news. Well we were hoping one of us would have a stable job but may be down the road I guess. So what other avenues she can pursue?
  7. Unfortunately, due to the lack of planning from my in-laws she never had a job so experience in a multinational company is something we are lacking right now. I am definitely counting on her experience being vastly different than mine since I came as a student.

    Any other avenues would you suggest or sites may be that would help?

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